More Friends. More FREE Practice.

Tell your friend about PTE Tutorials mobile application who are looking for Online PTE Practice. You can help your friend by guiding them to start their practice with PTE Tutorials and lead their journey of PTE towards Success. Once your reference accepts invites and gets logged in on PTE Tutorials mobile app by downloading it from referral link, it will help you in earning Referral credits. On successful sign up of your friend on PTE Tutorials app, you get 1 FREE mock test against one referral credit & your friend too gets 10 FREE mock test by redeeming Promo code 2018PTE10 through application.

This, way, the referral programme helps you, your friends and us as well.

How it works:
Refer to your Friends to download PTE Tutorials Mobile app
Your Friends accept Invite & login to Mobile app successfully
You get 1 mock test FREE and your friend get 10 mock tests. It’s win-win!
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    What is Bonus Test?

    This is a FREE Practice Test which will get unlocked in your account when you fulfil referral programme conditions.

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    What is Referral Credits?

    It is a points which get credited in your account when your referral successfully registers on PTE Mobile app from reference link.