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If you are a blogger, then you can promote the effective and extensive PTE practice material, mock tests, services provided by PTE-Tutorials website in your blogs. You can also source the informative blogs and videos by PTE Tutorials.

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PTE Material Providers

If you are specifically into providing the PTE preparation material, then you can refer the materials by PTE Tutorials and their benefits to your audience/ clients on your website or other online as well as offline domains.

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Being an institute/ university, you can share with your students, the highly useful features of PTE Tutorials like online accessibility, analytics, best practice materials, real test-like Practice Tests and various services by PTE Tutorials.

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PTE Coaching Institution

You can ask your students to utilise PTE Tutorials as a platform for attempting the practice tests. The various materials and analytics can prove to be beneficial for them if they are struggling with specific task of PTE as they contain detailed tips and strategies.

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Migration Agents

The many clients, that you have as a migration agent, the ones who are in need of PTE can refer to PTE Tutorials. You can promote the same on your website and brochures and share more info during one-to-one consultations.

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Classified Websites

For websites who hosts classifieds, you can put the classifieds of PTE Tutorials and let people know about the various benefits they can avail using this online portal. You can also promote the materials and services including offers by PTE Tutorials.

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