The day after your PTE is over is the day you start either having dreams or nightmares. While for those who are not sure of getting preferred points may have sleepless nights, those who are pretty confident on what they did in the exam now pave their way to land in their dream countries.

PTE is very fast in releasing the results. Though to be on a safer side, they say that it takes five business or working days generally the result is out on 2nd or 3rd day. There are only two possibilities: you got the score you wanted, or you did not get!

You got the PTE score you wanted

Things are easier for you. The required points will now get you through the procedures with ease.

If you are a student: If you are a student and have gotten the required points in PTE, you need to send the score card to the concerned universities as early as possible. With a professional guidance of Aussizz Group, you can select the best possible campus in a city. Once you are done with the selection and have sent the PTE score card, the University will then send you the offer to get admission. Aussizz Group helps you in course selection, college selection, and also visa processing and booking the air tickets.

If you are an immigrant: Some occupations require a skill assessment and others don’t. If your occupation does not require it, you can directly go for EOI (Expression of Interest) claiming your points. On the other hand, if your occupation requires the assessment, you have to go for it before getting on to the EOI. In either case, student visa and immigration consultants helps you out!

You did not get the PTE score you wanted

There is nothing to worry! In fact, you now have a better experience, and know how to crack PTE!

If you are a student: Did not get the desired score? Never mind! There is a golden opportunity called Australia’s ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students). If you have missed the score by a few PTE points, there are some universities or colleges in Australia that accept ELICOS. You can go for the test and clear all the hurdles.

If you are an immigrant: Things are pretty strict for you as Australia does not allow any loose marking there! If you don’t get the PTE points as mentioned by your visa and immigrant counselor, you cannot claim the EOI as you will fall short. In that case, you need to take PTE one more time. But now you know the test better…look at your PTE score card, find the gray area and start working on it!