PRE PTE Academic Test

When you set your mind to take the PTE Academic, you should be prepared both mentally and physically. Here are a few steps you need to follow as 'Pre PTE.'

Meet the Counsellor

The very first thing you should be doing it is meeting professional counsellors. The counsellor will help you understand what PTE is and how many points you require for your Permanent Residence or Student Visa. The desired PTE score depends on your age, qualification, experience, and several other factors. The counsellors will guide you through that.

Meet the Counselor Meet the Counselor
Meet the PTE tutor, take a demo

Once you are acquainted with the required PTE points for your visa, you may need to meet the PTE coach in person. Aussizz conducts free demo classes for the Pearson Test of English. In the demo class, the PTE masters will get you through different modules and items, and explain how you should be going for the test.

Meet the Counselor Meet the PTE tutor, take a demo
Professional PTE Coaching

Professional PTE coaching is as crucial as having a visa to study and settle overseas. The PTE coaching includes quality material to practice Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening modules. Professional training for PTE will groom you to the level you require to score in the test. Experienced trainers will assist you to practice and solve your problems on the spot. Learn tips and tricks for each item of the modules.

Meet the Counselor Professional PTE Coaching
Practice tests

Once you are thorough with the practice for all PTE modules, you should take mock tests before appearing for the actual exam. The mock tests are designed keeping the real PTE tests in mind. Aussizz has its mock tests developed by PTE masters and algorithm experts to meet the quality required.

Meet the Counselor Practice Tests
Book the test

After a few months' training, you can book the actual date for the PTE test. You can do it by yourself or can ask the training centre to do so. Alternatively, you can save money by booking your dates through a PTE voucher.

Meet the Counselor Book the Test
Be positive, be prepared

PTE is tricky, and just beyond English. It tests your language skills, the presence of mind, general knowledge, and above all, logic. Many find it more like an aptitude test. Though you are thoroughly trained in PTE at professional PTE coaching classes, you should be confident and be prepared for taking the test. A positive attitude can do wonders in exams, and you can get the desired score.

Meet the Counselor Be positive, be prepared