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Absolutely. They are powered by the best AI in the industry that’s unparalleled. Our AI gives you an almost accurate division of your score following the rubrics of the actual PTE test. The best part? You get your scores really fast.
Note: The scoring of these AI-Based tests is not exact, but almost close to Pearson’s PTE test.

The videos are regarding the detailed explanation of each PTE-A Test module and the type of questions. There are essentials of each module. You can know what are things to be taken care of, how you can attempt particular questions in particular sections. We advise you to definitely go through them as it will help you a lot in knowing what the PTE exam is and the structure of it as well as how to deal with each question; especially before taking the exam.

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Check the validity of the mock tests, if attempted once you will not be able to access them. The other reason, for the test, not opening can happen if the validity is expired.

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PTE Exam

The PTE Academic is a computer-based English test that measures a candidate's understanding of English. It is an exam that is taken primarily by students and prospective employees who would like to study abroad or immigrate to an English-speaking country. PTE- Academic is accepted worldwide for study and immigration.

Speaking, writing, reading, and listening are the four categories that make up the PTE- Academic exam. The computer-based exam gauges a candidate's proficiency with English in a variety of real-world situations. There are 20 different question types in the test, ranging from multiple choice through to essay writing.

The PTE Academic takes 2 hours and 15 minutes and is a computer-based exam which assesses listening, reading, speaking and writing.

PTE Academic is scored against the Global Scale of English – a granular score scale from 10–90. Students receive an overall score on this scale, which gives an accurate assessment of their English ability.

After the exam date, the PTE-Academic score is valid for two years.

You can take the test again. You may retake your test as many times as you want, although you must wait until you have received your scores from one test before booking another.

On the official website of Pearson, you can sign up to take the PTE exam.

Follow the below steps to register for PTE Academic:

  • 1.Visit the official PTE Academic website.
  • 2. Create your Pearson account by providing your personal details.
  • 3. Once you complete the PTE registration process, you will receive an email from Pearson with your login details.

Depending on the nation, the price of the PTE exam varies. For the precise price in your country, visit Pearson's official website.

PTE General is only conducted for rewarding brilliant achievements in English language learning and is not used as an English proficiency test. On the other hand, PTE Academic is the major exam that you can undertake if you are planning to work or study abroad.

You are not allowed to take anything in the PTE Academic Exam center. This is because the test center provides you with everything necessary from computer equipment to notepad / rewritable sheets and pen.

Depending on the nation and school you are applying to, a student visa may require a lower score. It is best to confirm the minimum score needed with the particular institution or immigration office.

You cannot take the PTE exam while using a pen and paper. The computer must be used to type in all responses. You are not allowed to take anything in the PTE Academic Exam Hall. This is because test center provides you with everything necessary from computer equipment to notepad and pens.

After taking the test, you can have your PTE exam results in 2 business hours to five business days.

You can only request a rescore once per test registration. You may only request a rescore of your most recent PTE Academic test. You cannot request a rescore if you have already scheduled another test.

The PTE Academic Plus exam is a longer version of the PTE Academic exam that contains a component that is not scored in order to gather information for research. Some colleges and organisations use it to learn more about a candidate's English language proficiency.

No, you cannot use a calculator in PTE-Academic exam.

Inform the PTE test administrator right away if there are any technical difficulties during the exam. You might be given the choice to retake the test for free.

Yes, you have 14 days after taking the test to change your PTE exam result. A cancellation fee, however, can be charged.

The TOEFL and IELTS are paper-based exams that use human evaluators, but the PTE Academic exam is a computer-based exam that uses artificial intelligence to evaluate a candidate's language abilities. Additionally, the PTE exam offers more thorough feedback on a candidate's language abilities, including intonation and pronunciation.

If you're taking the PTE exam for the first time, it's normal to feel intimidated. You might even wonder whether it's possible to earn the ideal score on the PTE Academic test. Yes, it's possible to ace it even if you are not a native English speaker. Candidates can either choose to study on their own by referring to authentic PTE exam preparation study material and online PTE courses available.

The microphone will shutoff and you won't be able to finish your sentence if you pause for longer than three seconds.

It's reasonable to feel intimidated if this is your first time taking the PTE exam. You can even question whether it's possible to pass the PTE Academic test with the desired score. Remember, it is AI evaluated test and you can succeed even if English is not your first language with the help of right strategies and techniques.

Writing Implements:

In order to take notes, the PTE test centres provide all candidates with markers and reusable booklets. Therefore, you are not allowed to take any pens, or pencils with you to the test room.

Most difficult part of the PTE exam
The PTE Exam primarily consists of three sections, namely,

  • Speaking and writing
  • Reading
  • And listening

Among the three, PTE Reading is considered the most complicated part of the PTE exam. A large number of test-takers miss most of their points in their reading proficiency.
The PTE reading aims to judge the test taker’s ability to read and understand English.

To prepare for the PTE, set aside at least 4 to eight weeks.

Given that you only have two weeks to prepare, you should unquestionably prioritize the PTE topics in your time management. To achieve the best results on the PTE test, you should take your time with some questions while spending more time considering others.

The PTE cutoff score would fall between 10 and 90 points, with 10 representing the lowest and 90 representing the maximum PTE score.

PTE Academic scores are compared to the Global Scale of English, which has a detailed scoring range of 10-90. A student's overall score on this scale provides a reliable evaluation of their English proficiency.

The administering body does not set a limit on the number of times a candidate may take the PTE Academic Exam. The only rule the board has established is that candidates must take their subsequent exam within a 5-day window. Therefore, candidates are free to take the PTE Academic exam as often as they like.

You are allowed to retake your exam as often as you like, but you must wait until you have received the results of your first test before scheduling a subsequent one.

If you don't have the correct strategy and a place to practice, it is very challenging to achieve a minimum PTE score of 65. However, you must first have reasonable expectations for both yourself and the PTE exam. That is correct! You are the one who needs to score 65 or above, so be sure to find out where you stand right now.

In a nutshell, while some test-takers may be able to study for the PTE exam in a month, others may require longer time based on their unique situation. To feel confident and prepared on test day, it's essential to evaluate your individual situation and create a realistic study plan.

The PTE test offers a choice of timeslots in the morning, afternoon, and evening throughout the week and on weekends, unlike other English proficiency tests like the paper-based IELTS which only gives a morning test on Saturdays. There is therefore no ideal time for everyone to take the PTE exam.

In PTE, each section has an equal say in what happens. Given that PTE is a more integrated test, neither can be disregarded. Having said that, Speaking and Listening are considered to be the high scoring modules.

Only two question types in the PTE can be given a failing grade. The following two questions are the only ones that will receive negative marks: Choose from a variety of answers (multiple choice, listening, and reading), and Highlight the incorrect words (Listening)

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) may be familiar to those who wish to pursue higher education in Canada. More than 3,000 universities worldwide accept it as a valid indicator of English language proficiency. Many Canadian colleges and universities accept PTE as a part of the admissions procedure.

Based on the candidate's performance during the entire test, the overall score on the PTE Score Card is calculated. In every given test, the candidate would need to finish between 52 and 64 tasks with a variety of 20 different kinds of tasks. The total score might be anywhere from 10 to 90 points.

Every day, spend 30–60 minutes on quick practice exercises to keep your knowledge up to date. Become more fluent in English by speaking it at work, school, and home. Join groups that are in English. They provide the chance to put speaking and listening skills into practice.

If you prefer an exam with fixed marks, IELTS is a better option. If you like tests and rewards for understanding, PTE is simpler. Both the PTE and the IELTS are difficult exams. It is crucial that test-takers are fluent in both spoken and written English.

The exam's sponsor, Pearson PLC, has not established any qualifying requirements or age restrictions, but it is preferred that applicants be at least 16 years old. PTE is a language proficiency test that students who wish to study abroad and gain international experience must take.