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Check the validity of your mock tests. The tests would not open if the validity has expired.Check if your one attempt is over. If so, you won't be able to access it.
You can go to forgot password and provide your registered e-mail id there. You will get a link in e-mail. You can go to the link and reset your password.

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If you have forgotten your password, you can go to forgot password and enter your e-mail id. You will receive a link via which you can change your password.

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You can check results of all the tests attempts in the 'Taken Test Result' section.

Any test can be attempted only once.

Certified PTE-A trainers have developed these mock tests keeping in mind all the standards of official Pearson Test of English Academic examination.

All the content (texts, trademarks, illustrations, photos, graphics, files, designs, arrangements etc.) & media of the tests are a copyrighted and owned by Aussizz Group.

All intellectual property rights in relation to this website are reserved and owned by Aussizz Group.

The mock tests are not autoscored. However, we do provide the scoring. You can get score for a particular test at a nominal price. The option is available in the portal inside after you log in. Our PTE expert will evaluate your test and score it as per the PTE test standards. The scores will be emailed to you within 5 working day. Note that the scoring is not exact but near to real PTE test.

The scoring is not automatic for the mock test. But, you can get the scores of a particular mock test by buying the service at a nominal price from the portal itself. The scoring is done by our PTE experts which is close to real PTE test.

These are practice tests. We have simulated the real-time PTE-A test environment to keep the test experience as real as possible for you.

The entire intellectual content from the format to context to types of individual questions in the mock tests are uniquely designed in accordance to the PTE-A standards and there are negligible chances of the same questions appearing in your official PTE-A exam.

The videos are regarding the detailed explanation of each PTE-A Test module and type of questions. There are essentials of each module. You can know what are the things to be taken care of, how you can attempt particular questions in particular sections. We advise you to definitely go through them as it will help you a lot in knowing what PTE exam is and the structure of it as well as how to deal each and every questions; specially before taking exam.

All the feedbacks are welcomed. You can share your experience or any suggestions that you have for us for the tutorial; overall as well as regarding any section or question.

There are no technical difficulties as such. However, in case you want to share any technical difficulties you faced, you can do that as well.

Please drop a mail on support@ptetutorials.com . Our team will reply you within 48 hours.

Using the evaluation function you can get the score of your practice test and we provide you the Score Card similar to the original PTE-A Test. We recommend that you give a test without any practice first and get it evaluated. Then you can keep practicing the test and apply for evaluation. This will help you check your improvements.

If you purchase evaluation separately, when you log in to your account, evaluation count will be shown at the top right corner of the portal. Once you complete a test,"APPLY FOR EVALUATION" option will get enabled and you can use one evaluation from your balance of purchased evaluations for that specific test.

If you purchase evaluation along with the test (Scored test), evaluation option will be set to the respective test by default.

Paid material includes guides to respective task to help you score more in the PTE-A Test. Those are e-books in PDF form. Once you purchase this material, you will get an Email to download the PDF.

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During Practice

The minimum validity for the mock tests is 30 days. And rest validity depends on the package you purchase.

Yes. Once you have submitted the answers, you can go to the result section and you will be able to see the sample answers and understand better about answering a question.

The question does change automatically but if you are sure with your given answer then you can click on the next button to move to the next question. This will also help you save time.

You can check the sample answer in the Result tab.

There is 'Test Analytics' provided for each mock test. It will give you a fair understanding of your performance based on your time and also how you are improving overall section-wise as well as in individual sections. You can check it after submitting the test.

No, the mock tests is so designed as the actual PTE test where you will not have the option of going back to the previous question.

No. Unless you are submitting the test by clicking on the Submit Button, it would not be considered as a completed test. You can resume the test from where you had left.

If you have any query or feedback regarding particular questions or sections of the PTE test, you can share it with us and we can try to resolve it in best possible manner. Also, you are welcomed to share suggestions. You can even share your overall experience of the mock test, good or bad.

In 99% of cases there would not be any technical errors; still in case you want to share any technical difficulties you faced, you can do that as well.

Yes, if you don't know the answer to the question you can surely skip it and focus on the next question.

To increase or decrease the font size there will be "+/-" button in the top right corner of running test. You can adjust the font size as per your convenience.


It is important that you check the headphone connections carefully.

Supported Operating System: Windows, Linux, Mac

Supported Browser: Latest version of Chrome, Firefox, IE, IE Edge.

Supported Hardware: Headset with Microphone for Desktop or Enable Speaker in Laptop for better visibility and navigation take the test on laptop or desktop.

The tests are cloud-based and hence, can be accessed online only. You cannot download them.

No, there is no requirement of additional software to be downloaded unless you have adobe flash player. It is an online portal.

The same account cannot be accessed simultaneously. One credential can be used by only one person at one time. The latest login can continue the test.

Yes. You can Save and Exit the test and later on resume it any time.

Submit button is only visible at the end of the test. You can only save and exit in between the test but cannot submit the test.

There would hardly be any such problem. However, we recommend doing following:

Properly connect microphone to your computer.

Install or update microphone driver in your computer.

Check recording with given link http://beotiger.com/justrec#dts

Normally, it doesn't happen. It might happen due to some technical settings. We suggest you:

Check the attached head phones or speaker connection.

Check system volume.

Check sound drivers of the system.

Even after this, if you are unable to hear the feedback, you can send us the feedback or call customer support; you will be assisted further.

We suggest you check your computer's audio settings. You can go to the 'test setting'button to check if the settings of audio on your computer match with these ones.

If it shows no issues, we suggest you check your microphone settings. If there is an error message pops regarding the audio during the practice test, please take a screenshot of the same and email it to support@ptetutorials.com with the name and registered email address for tutorial account.

It is 100% secured. Our website is SSL certified and hence, you can be assured of your privacy.

You can start with the "Sample Questions" and check if the internet speed and your system specifications are supporting the portal.

Yes, these tests work on Apple laptop and desktop but not on iPhone or iPad.