What is NAATI CCL?

CCL stands for Credentialed Community language, it's a test that allows the aspirants those who are looking to settle in Australia with PR to claim extra points by assessing their language skills at community level. The ccltutorials will enable the aspirants to take the NAATI CCL test in 8 different languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Nepali, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Persian. It examines the candidate’s potential to convey the context of a conversation from English to other languages, LOTE (Language other than English) and also from LOTE to English. However, you can take this test only when you are in Australia.
Once you clear the NAATI CCL test, you can claim 5 points for your PR. To Apply for the NAATI CCL test, you can apply on the official official NAATI CCL Website and follow the process.

All about NAATI CCL?

You have to listen to a recording and interpret and translate it (English to LOTE or vice-versa). The topics will be related to real-life situations in Australian Society. Every recording will have two dialogues to be translated and interpreted, each consisting of 300 words with different segments of 35 words.

The time allotted for the test is half an hour. Each dialogue is marked out of 45 out of which you must score 29 in each dialogue. The criteria for passing the NAATI CCL requires you to score overall 63 marks out of 90.

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How to Prepare?

NAATI doesn’t offer any workshops or courses with which you can prepare. However, CCL Tutorials gives you the best materials and Coaching that
can help you grab those 5 points. With CCL Tutorials you can prepare with both online coaching and in-class coaching where you can only enrol in
in-class coaching if you are in Australia. With CCL Tutorials online coaching you can prepare with the experts' guidance at your convenience.

Online Coaching

Can you join? Find out.

In online coaching, the advantage course is ideal for the beginners, and the crash course is for the students undertaking the exam in the same month. All the aspirants those are willing to give NAATI CCL test but are not able to reach out to classes can avail all the benefits through the online coaching.

NAATI CCL online coaching for two months can help you clear the NAATI CCL Test.

Benefits of Online coaching

With online coaching, you get to experience live interactive classes that give you access to the full class recordings. Also, you have Free access to the online practice tests. With one to one feedback, exam questions practice and the mock tests, you get to prepare yourself capable enough for achieving the 5 bonus points required for Australian PR.

Why Choose us?

Why Choose NAATI

CCL Tutorials is a platform that not only helps you prepare for the NAATI CCL Test; it also guides you for the application process as well as the scoring pattern.

With CCL Tutorials you can choose to learn with the Online Group Coaching at your convenience.

You can also sign up for free and avail the free mock tests that are available.

Students can also download the mobile app and learn from anywhere and at any time.