PTE Academic Score

The PTE Academic score card has 3 sections namely:

  • Test Taker’s personal information with photo & Test Details

  • Overall Score

  • Skills Profile - A detailed performance

Score Guide
Personal Information:
  • Test Taker ID: The ID generated at the time of creating the account with Pearson. It will remain same for your every test booking.
  • Country of Citizenship: Which country’s citizenship the test-taker holds
  • Country of Residence: Which country the test-taker is residing in
  • Gender: The gender of the test-taker
  • Email address: The email address provided by the test-taker at the time of booking the test
  • Registration ID: The ID generated when you book a date for the PTE test. It will be unique for each test.
  • Test Date: The date on which the test was taken
  • Test Centre Country: The country in which the test was taken
  • Test Centre ID: The identification number of the test centre
  • First-time test taker: Shows whether the test-taker had taken the PTE for the first time
  • Report Issue Date: The date on which the scorecard was issued
  • Scores Valid Until: The validity of the PTE score card is of two years from the date of test
PTE Score Report
Overall Score:

The overall score ranges between 10 and 90 points, and it is the evaluation of your performance in all the modules and their items. In total, for most of the tests, there are 70-91 items from 20 different types. For each item, the score will affect the rest of the items and thus, an overall score.

Communicative skill scores:

For the modules of speaking, writing, listening, and reading, the communicative skills are assessed. The assessment happens on the skills that are from the further division of all the modules. Though, each module’s item belongs to the major category (say –listening) it also tests the other skill (say-writing). Simply put, the modules test integrated skills from each of its items: reading module may assess reading and speaking skills; listening also includes writing; reading tests writing…and so on. Each of the communicative skills scores ranges from 10 to 90 points and not bands.

The graph in the report card will make you understand the different criteria along with their scores that, in turn, will reflect candidate’s weakness and strength in English.

Enabling skill scores:

The enabling skills assess the performance of the test-taker in the productive skills of writing and speaking. The enabling skills are classified in grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, and written discourse. Only those modules that assess these skills are considered for scoring. Just like the communicative skills, these skills also range from 10-90.

Global Scale of English

The Global Scale of English (GSE) is internationally accepted scale to evaluate your skills for the language of English. PTE Academic score, along with other popular English tests such as IELTS and TOEFL, can be mentioned on the GSE.

PTE Score Card

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