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September 23,2022
PTE Academic is a test having time limits. Thus, knowing English is not enough. Find out here how time plays an important role and how to use it to your benefit and score high in PTE-A. Read now!
July 29,2022
Highlight Incorrect Words is a task from the Listening Module of the PTE-A test. This question type assesses your listening and reading skills.
May 30,2022
So, you think you have prepared well for the PTE-A exam? You have ticked off all the right boxes, practiced with the right material, solved reams and reams of material. But yet as the exam date comes close, things get a little shaky.
March 23,2022
Reading is one of the crucial skills you will require in PTE. Fill in the blanks task has a good weightage and is thus, important. Here are some best tips to successfully get full score in it.
March 09,2022
Just imagine, you have registered for the PTE-A exam and prepared for it all by yourselves with the random practice materials that you have found over the internet.
February 03,2022
If you are taking the PTE-A, then you have to take time out for preparation after fulfilling professional or academic commitments.
November 19,2021
The PTE Academic test can be a scary and intimidating experience for many students, but it doesn't have to feel like such an impossible challenge. By following simple steps advised by experts in preparing yourself before taking the exam, you will find that they're not only effective - they'll also make this otherwise stressful situation much easier on your nerves.