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PTE Academic
November 21,2022
High Score in PTE means better prospects. Do not miss to learn just the right tips to score 79+ in all the sections of PTE. Let your scores open the door to great opportunities for you.
PTE Practice and Tips
November 08,2022
The PTE-A Exam requires an aspirant to study professionally and systematically, instead of wasting time in random practice.
PTE Vocabulary
October 10,2022
Vocabulary range is one of the most important factors that contribute to High PTE Score. Learn the importance of using good lexical resources and tips to learn new words.
PTE Academic
October 01,2022
Do not practice entire tests before the PTE test date. Instead refer to these last minute tips for PTE that will be very beneficial and help you to be alert and composed during the test.
PTE Academic
September 23,2022
PTE Academic is a test having time limits. Thus, knowing English is not enough. Find out here how time plays an important role and how to use it to your benefit and score high in PTE-A. Read now!
PTE Practice and Tips
July 29,2022
Highlight Incorrect Words is a task from the Listening Module of the PTE-A test. This question type assesses your listening and reading skills.
PTE Practice and Tips
May 30,2022
So, you think you have prepared well for the PTE-A exam? You have ticked off all the right boxes, practiced with the right material, solved reams and reams of material. But yet as the exam date comes close, things get a little shaky.