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7 Habits That Help You Reach Your Desired Score in The PTE Academic Test

January 26,2018

We have been discussing a lot of tips and different strategies to improve the score in individual modules of PTE Academic Test as well as different type of tasks.

But, do you know preparing mindfully for the test has a lot greater benefits than just proving your English language proficiency? If you are up for the hard-work why not maximise the results!

While you prepare for the test, you also have the chance to improve your communication skills and boost your confidence. In either case, it is advantageous for you whether you want to study abroad or apply for PR visa and settle in a different country.

From our observation and after thorough discussion with our PTE Experts, we have come up with few habits that can definitely boost your PTE Score. Let us divulge into each habit one by one.

Conscious Practice of Reading and Listening English
Talk with your closed ones in English
Write Letters to your friends
Keep a Journal & Write your thoughts, ideas, daily occurrences (of course in English)
Join a small public speaking group in your town
Indulge into activities that make you feel active
Try memory increasing exercise / vocab exercises

1. Regular Practice of Reading and Listening English

If you are aspiring to fly overseas to study, then of course reading & listening are the basic skills you would require to ace your academics. Same applies in case if you are looking to settle and work overseas permanently. You need these skills to work & communicate efficiently in the all new foreign environment.

Even science verifies that on an average, reading results in better physical health, and mental health, makes one more empathetic, and has many other benefits. PTE, thus, is a good reason to get into the habit of reading.

Similarly, if you are looking to enhance your communication skills, listening is one best way to go about it. Listening helps you grasp a language faster. There is diverse type of listening you can do. Watching News, documentaries, TED talks will also increase your knowledge. 

2. Talk With Your Closed Ones in English

Just as listening helps to remember words and understand usage of a language; speaking helps you practice the language. The concept is simple. Speaking in a particular language means practicing its use and developing more knowledge about it.

As you might have noticed, certain phrases go together, even in your native language. Same is the case with English language.

For example, in English language, when you say "I had my lunch in the canteen" or "I took my lunch in the canteen" does not make good sense. You are supposed to eat lunch. So you must say, "I ate lunch in the canteen". Did you notice the use of proper verbs to describe any action? That knowledge comes with regular practice!

>We subconsciously commit mistakes while speaking. You can avoid the same by talking to a friend or family commonly in English. Additionally, your Oral fluency and Pronunciation will also improve once you start speaking English and gradually practice it more often.

3. Write Letters to Your Friends

This one is an amazing habit in varied ways. Honestly, most of us do not like writing or probably do not find that much of comfortable time as well as zone to write. But, we do recommend you to start writing. Sometimes, you might get overwhelmed practising essays for PTE. So, what you can do is a simple exercise. Just write letter to your friends or cousins or anyone with whom you feel comfortable.

>This activity will impact your cognitive skills in a good way. You will develop a habit to think, ideate and put your thoughts into words. Consequently, you will learn to provide arguments and support your ideas with explanations. Exactly what you ought to do in PTE Essay. Secondly, it will help you learn the use of grammar, punctuations, enable you to create complex sentences, use vocabulary that you learnt which you would otherwise forget if it was not for practically implementing it in a sentence.

4. Keep a Journal Where You Write Your Thoughts/ Ideas/ Important Events (of course in English)

It is alright if you are not a letter writing type of a person. What you essentially need to inculcate is writing skills. Therefore, another way of going about is to have a journal or a personal diary. Now the information that you write/ note in it is completely your choice. What we would recommend is that you write in an academic fashion.

>You must completely avoid any sort of jargon or slang language. Try to include different words by which you will widen your vocabulary base. Using a new word in a sentence is one of the best ways to remember it. With practice, you will notice that you get better with vocab. You will not only have versatile vocabulary but also use the appropriate words together. Moreover, you can narrate daily events or some important events. This way you will be able to grow interest in writing.

5. Join a Public Speaking Group in Your Town or Best, Start Hosting One

We come across many test takers who are afraid of speaking not because they do not know the language but because they are frightened to speak in front of people. It simply requires more courage for them than others. Though in PTE there is no human intervention, speaking is still a tough task for many. Why? Because you have to be a little spontaneous.

>Joining a public speaking group will instil poise & self-confidence. Such groups are generally to motivate individuals speak their mind out and develop leadership skills. But, thinking it from PTE point of view, speaking at such groups will assure that you learn the formal use of language, polish your intonations. You will even become fluent and be able to reflect a highly commanded use of language by using proper connectors, pauses, modulation & stresses.  

6. Indulge into Activities That Make You Feel Dynamic

Activities promote brain growth, and ease the learning process. That is why the children are taught with the help of activities, from a very young age, as small as 3 years. It works more like visual memory. Also, while doing any activity, your brain puts in effort and thus, is able to remember better.

Be it any sport or crossword, start investing time in it. It will surely be a fun way to prepare for PTE. Activities help you improve overall skills and also, social skills. As you do an activity in a group or even in pairs, you naturally communicate and that way your speech is polished, you develop decision making capability. While playing too, you are training yourself to take in more information. Thus, it will undoubtedly help you in several PTE tasks like read aloud, repeat sentences, fill in the blank.

7. Try Memory Boosting Exercise / Vocab Exercises

This is an interesting habit and can be indulge into anywhere, whenever you find a little bit of free time. The memory sharpens with more usage. Choose the exercise that is of shorter duration but is challenging. For this, you will need a trial and error method as not every exercise will interest you.

Work on anything that gives you a sense of achievement or feels rewarding because it releases the chemicals responsible to enhance your brain functions. You are likely to perform better when you have your mind and body feeling active and happy or content. This will not only make you feel active but while you sit down for PTE Practice, you will approach tasks in different manner. Overall, activities help to handle a task at hand from multiple angles making us more aware of the present moment. Something that you will surely want to be while giving your PTE Test.

Thus, apart from the Ace tips and expert strategies, you can certainly get more from your PTE Practice. This are marginal changes you can amalgamate in your routine but their results have amazing & positive impacts. It only makes sense to divulge into these habits as they will prove to be beneficial in the long run while you migrate abroad. You will find it easy to mingle into the new place and be better at whatever task you perform.

Above all! Don't forget to


If not all of these, try a few and observe the positive change in yourself. Of course, you can do your regular preparation at And in case if you require any expert guidance for few tasks or specific doubts, you can also book Online PTE Coaching Session.