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March 18,2019

During the course of our tutors coaching different online PTE coaching aspirants with various stories, we come across cases that carry a larger message for all. So, this blog is about sharing one such story and the underlying moral in it, for the benefit of thousands of other PTE-A aspirants.

So this is the story of Ramesh (name changed), who holds a Master's Degree from a reputed college in Australia. He needed a score of 79+ for his Australia PR application. Academics was Ramesh's strong point, and he thought that he could easily crack PTE-A on his own.

But unfortunately, cracking PTE-A turned out to be more difficult than Ramesh had anticipated. The first attempt was not successful. So he tried again. And again. And yet. He was unable to understand what his preparation was lacking. He depended on tutorials no the web for support and practice. But after eight attempts, he realized that something else was amiss. He knew he was a good student, and that he was smart. Why could he not clear PTE-A then?

This was the point when he decided to ask for professional help. With PTE-Tutorials, Ramesh got real-time feedback on his PTE preparation online for the first time. For the first time, there was someone to point out the flaws in his preparation. For the first time, there was someone to give him valuable PTE tips, tricks, and strategies, and to point out his shortcomings.

So, Ramesh worked hard to remove his weaknesses, and to strengthen his already strong areas.

It took Ramesh two more attempts to unlearn all that he learned from web tutorials and to learn and implement a tailor-made strategy crafted for him by his tutor at PTE Tutorials

So, what is the message that any aspirant can hope to take home from this story?

It is good to have confidence in your intellect, intelligence, and academic strength, but aspirants must appreciate the fact that PTE-A is a very different exam. The scoring pattern and the formula is different from any standardized University exam. The strategies to be adopted are different. The tips and tricks to be followed are different.

Only an expert who has thorough experience in PTE-A and also in coaching other students for it can give you the right advice. It's not just that. Just like how Ramesh experienced it, you will need someone to point out areas where you are making mistakes.

This you can achieve only by practicing with materials that are of Pearson standard. At PTE Tutorials, whether it is for classroom or online coaching, our students get access to the wealth of material, repeated questions, predicted materials, almost 24/7 support from coaches on the Telegram Group along with peer support and review. By taking the scored and unscored tests, you get a fair assessment of your skill from experienced PTE-A coaches.

It is not a good idea to attempt the PTE-A test much time, hoping that you would somehow get it right eventually. It is a waste of time, money, and energy. Repeatedly failing to do well in the exam can dent your confidence.

Therefore, with all our experience, and expertise in PTE-A coaching, as is reflected in the stellar performance of our students, we would recommend that you don't take chances with your career. Sign up for PTE-A coaching, whether classroom or online and face the test only when you are well prepared for it!

At, we provide all kinds of support be it through materials, test evaluation, Telegram Group, Online or Classroom Coaching and Webinars.

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