PTE Academic Test

Fundamentals & Pro Tips to score 79+in all sections of PTE Academic

September 28,2017

There is no easy way or a magic spell to score 79+ in the PTE Exam but there are definitely a lot of smarter and efficient ways you can reach this score level.

You will come across a lot of materials, article and even trainers who ensure a band 8 equivalent score in the PTE Academic Test. Let us forget all of that for a moment including the comprehensive tips and materials you could find on our website and just focus on the goal.   

Achieve Goal in PTE

Just how hard could it be to bag this score? Is it too ambitious? Is it unrealistic for a complete novice learner?

The answer to all of these questions lies in your'Determination and Willingness to work towards the goal fulfilment'. Are you a little motivated? If yes, then great, let us move forward with finding the ways to accomplish our mission. If no, then stay with us a little longer and the motivation will kick in soon. 

Now, before you think we are going to present the same information and be all promotional about our products & services, let us tell you that here, all we are trying to aim at is to ignite that faith in yourself and your abilities. With that we will brief on the basics that you must take care of and the expert tips you could utilise to hit the bar of 79+ in all the sections of PTE Academic. 

Starting with the basics and the thing we always advise to do first is know whom you are fighting the battle against before developing you ground strategies. PTE Academic Test Format is available on the official Pearson website as well as many online websites providing PTE related materials or tips. Thus, know the pattern of the exam, question types, scoring scheme, time limits, and rules and instructions.

Get A Reality Check

It is time to face some facts. The journey to your goal is not going to be flowery. In the process you might feel stuck at times and start thinking you are aiming in the dark. Some of the practices won't work for you. 

But, without hard work nothing is really attainable. Even for a person who is very confident in English and has a good command in the language, this score might require rigorous efforts. Sailing through the PTE victoriously boils down to more than just having English language competency. 

You must be entirely aware of the test format, use appropriate methods to answer the questions, and be patient. We get it that you are curious to unfold how primary skills coupled with pro tips will help you finally ace this test. Well, pay attention then.

Start Small and Scale Big

Get your basics right:

  • Understanding how the questions are scored can really turn the tables in your favour.
  • Pay close attention to the instruction in every question. If it has a time limit, provide your response in the given time. If there are negative marking, be careful not to answer unless you are absolutely sure.
  • Make each practise of yours a conscious one. Trying to do plenty of Practise Tests blindly is not going to help at all. Go for quality practise and more than that aim to always give it with a lot of presence of mind.

Capitalise on your strengths and work on your weak skills.

  • Knowing your grey areas will help you work on them and improve.
  • Have an understanding of questions you are comfortable with and the ones that make you a little distressed.
  • Remind yourself of how you once tackled a question you found tough and now are pro at it. Regularly looking back at your achievements and mistakes makes the picture of your current position quite clearer.
  • Continuously challenge yourself.
  • Silly mistakes like spelling errors or missing to listen to certain words or forgetting the instructions are a big no-no.

Be wise with your preparation and the materials you refer.

  • Don't fall for over promising stuffs. Be realistic and try for yourself, the type of materials or practice methodology that makes you feel comfortable.
  • If need be seek for professional advice online or offline. Get your doubts sorted as early as possible.
  • To perfect any skill, you must persevere to put in effort.
  • Slowly some skills will become your reflex and a habit. Be alert about them.

Each skill is inter-dependent. Prepare with diligence.

  • To speak properly, you will need to have the listening skills. To write efficiently or answer reading question, you must know the grammar, vocabulary, coherence. While listening, you will need to also write correctly.
  • Here too, practising, getting your attempts evaluated and its results will help you know your exact performance and determine how long you have to go.
  • Follow the tips and strategies. Fight the urge to get results in just few attempts.

Become a pro at managing time and remaining focused

  • These two traits will win you half the battle. The other half is correct knowledge of English language.
  • Time management comes with sensible practise. Mindfulness comes with focus.
  • Being alert and having outright presence of mind definitely works when you want high score in PTE
PTE Incredible Scores Demands Incredible Practise

For better or worse, PTE assessment does not involve any kind of human judgement or emotions. You can also refer to the last minute tips and comprehensive tips we are going to discuss in our next blog.