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How To Boost Your PTE Writing Skills With Journal Prompts

September 06,2018

PTE Essay writing can prove to be a somewhat daunting task especially because it demands you to plan, write & revise a 200-300-word argumentative essay, in response to a prompt, in merely 20 minutes. Thus, if your creative writing skills are weak, you could end up under performing. For candidates preparing to take PTE, a lot is at stake. The only way to improve your writing skill is to write, re-write & then write again on a regular basis. Like any other skill, writing too needs sufficient time & energy for noticeable improvement.

What are Journal Prompts?

Writing begins with an idea. Journal Prompts are simple statements that can provide you with a starting point, i.e., a thought to elaborate on. It is an excellent exercise for beginner-level writers.

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Let's look at some of the generic examples for your consideration: -

  • What are the turning points of your life?
  • What are some of the things that bring you happiness?
  • Pen down your regrets & how they could have turned around had you made a better choice.
  • What are the three things you would like to tell your future self?
  • Make a bucket list of adventures you would want to experience before you turn 50.

You get the drill, right?

With time, journal prompts can help you: -

  1. Increase your creativity by letting you exercise your imagination.
  2. In improving your proficiency & rate of practice.
  3. In saving your time by increasing your competency.
  4. In understanding your inner thoughts & motivations.

Utilize Them For PTE

It is quite clear that here we are trying to amalgamate two concepts, i.e., PTE Writing & Journal Prompts, to our advantage!

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With Journal Prompts, there are no rules, i.e., it is open to interpretation. So it becomes easier to utilize it for your PTE Training. Plus, you should be prepared for anything & everything when it comes to your PTE Writing. What are the some of the prompts that may help you to prepare for your PTE Test?

Let's probe into finding some diverse prompts that you can practice with for ultimately scoring well in your PTE Examination.

1. Gender-Bend Your Favorite Movie

This is fairly easy. Take your favorite movie & gender-bend it. Gender-bending simply means to change the gender of the protagonist & then to analyze how the story could become different (if at all). Do they then have the same motivations & ambitions? Do their struggles alter? Do they have more conflicts now?  Try to brainstorm!

2. Where do you see your life 5 years from now?

Pen down your ambitions & personal goals that you would want to achieve 5 years from now. It is a good starting point for putting your writing chops to practice.

3. I Would Like To Confess That I Am Guilty Of

Have fun in making some of the silliest confessions of your life! This exercise ought to lighten you up & give you the required confidence in your writing skills.

4. My Life Would Be Different If

What are some of the changes you would want to make to your current lifestyle? Or what are some of the instances which could have changed the course of your life? Get creative!

5. My Biggest Fear Is

Write down about your deep-rooted fears with the goal to feel slightly liberated by the mere acknowledgement of the same! You will feel better as well as learn how to make your writing personal.

Inhabiting a creative practice can be intimidating, but once you start off, it becomes more comfortable. And soon your quality of writing improves immensely. Journal prompts are invaluable if you keep a tab on training with it. There are specific steps you must follow on a daily basis to reap its benefits.

Step 1- A Prompt a Day: Try to read a journal prompt each morning till it becomes a habit.

Step 2 - Thinking Cap: Brainstorm & structure your thoughts about the prompt through the course of the day.

Step 3 - Write, write, write: Before going to bed, spend a sufficient amount of time writing down your thoughts.

Alternatively, you may customize an entirely new plan that you can stick with for the long-term. You may also leave one particular idea & work on something radically different. Ultimately, the intention is to put an effort without strain. Slowly & steadily this exercise shall help you in refining your writing skills while also encouraging you to find your original voice.

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