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PTE Speaking: 5 Expert Tips & Tricks For South Asians

August 10,2018

If you are from South Asia, then it is common to face issues with the Speaking section, which may be quite perplexing. You might be wondering why you are able to score well in Reading, Writing and Listening, but there exist niggling issues with scoring well in the Speaking section. Don't worry! You're not alone.

Why? You wonder? You use English pretty well, write in English all day at work or college, seem to speak the language quite well. What's going wrong? One word: algorithm. At the end of the day, the PTE test format is such that it's not human ears that are listening to your words, and judging your proficiency in English.

PTE Speaking - Tips & Tricks For South Asians 

  1. Avoid Speaking Too Quickly
  2. Speak Distinctly & Loudly
  3. Pay Attention To Your Pronunciation
  4. Sound Natural
  5. Avoid Long Pauses

It's a machine, and you have to improvise your preparation accordingly to make sure the algorithm hears you. Follow these tips to know how to:

1.  Avoid Speaking Too Quickly

Try to have a speaking speed that you can maintain for the entire duration of the test. Remember, it is an internet-based test, and therefore, your input is essential, and it's a machine that will be listening to you. Speak too fast, and you risk confusing the algorithm, which may not pick everything you say.

Try and cover all the significant points instead of trying to address every single point you may have identified in the graph. The conclusion is as important as the points you are making. Don't get cut off before you can finish. Emphasize on quality and not quantity. Sound natural. Don't rush through. Emulate good quality news reading, public speaking etc. That's the speed level to go by!

pte fast speaking

2. Speak Distinctly & Loudly

Again, if the machine doesn't hear you, it wouldn't mark you. Remember PTE test centres are going to be noisy with test-takers trying to speak into the microphone is hushed tones, to appear to be avoiding disturbing others around them, who are also taking the test. But, this civility you extend does not help the computer in hearing you distinctly. You have to speak loudly and distinctly into the microphone. Further, there is also a possibility that you may get distracted by the noisy environment. One smart way to practice for this chaotic environment is to have a radio playing in backdrop while you practice speaking for the PTE test. 

pte speaking loud

3. Pay Attention To Your Pronunciation

In day to day life, when speaking English, we often blend words together. For example: "We have got to do this" becomes "Wiv gotta do dis". In the PTE exam, this is far from acceptable. When practising, pay attention to every single phoneme, and make sure you pronounce them correctly. Make sure the words are not bundled together when you speak into the microphone. Do remember to record while practising, and then go over the recordings after you are done to review your performance.

4. Sound Natural

Try to strike out a balance between speaking too quickly and speaking like a robot. Pronounce the words clearly, enunciate well, and maintain a natural flow of pronunciation. Keep it real, and practise well.

5. Avoid Long Pauses

Yes, the 'aahs' and the 'uhms'. In day-to-day conversation, this is perfectly acceptable, but not in the PTE. People generally say gibberish like 'aahs' and 'uhms' when they are buying time to think of what to say next. The solution is to slow down and think about what you are going to say next. This means speaking mindfully, if not consciously. This is, of course, a hard skill to master. So you have to get a lot of practice and record yourself while speaking.

If you follow the above strategies, and get adequate practice, acing the Speaking section will only be a matter of time. If you are looking for more expert help, we can provide that to you too.

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