So, you think you have prepared well for the PTE-A exam? You have ticked off all the right boxes, practiced with the right material, solved reams and reams of material. But yet as the exam date comes close, things get a little shaky. The confidence starts to look a little overblown, and you tend to doubt yourself. If this sounds familiar, then it is time to calm down. You are not alone.

This happens to most test-takers, who tend to develop last-minute jitters, right before the exam. They start to doubt their ability. So, in this article, we have compiled some useful last minute tips for the time just before the exam.

Don't blow your hard work and preparation due to last-minute nervousness and jitters. Just follow the tips, and give it your best effort and dedication:

1. Don't go for perfection

Avoid over-thinking. There's no way you can hope to have the 100% perfect preparation. It is not possible. Try to make the most out of your preparation. All depends on how you perform on the test day.

You've just got to take it task-by-task, and give it your best. By being under-confident about your preparation, or by being tensed, you are only hindering your performance. Just have faith in your abilities and you will be fine.

2. Get enough practice before the exam

As the day of the test approaches, stick to your schedule, and get enough practice. Start with the high weightage tasks in each module, and solve unique questions. As work down through the modules, try to keep the regime as natural as possible.

Don't practice with the thought at the back of your mind that you have a test to appear for. Just be as natural as possible.

3. Be mentally prepared for a noisy test room

You should be mentally prepared to give your test in a very noisy room. This is especially true in the Speaking Module. All candidates will be speaking loudly into their microphones trying their best to get the software to recognise their words.

Don't get distracted by it, and try your best to focus on your test. Speak into the microphone confidently and loud enough for the microphone to pick up what you're saying.

4. Check your microphone before the test starts

Before the test starts, be sure to check if the microphone assigned to you is working fine. If you have any doubt, raise your hand, and complain to the test invigilator. You can't ask for the microphone to be changed once the test begins.

5. Keep an eye on the clock

Respect the clock, by constantly keeping an eye on it. You have to finish each task within the stipulated time, as it is not possible to allocate extra time from one module of the test to another. So try and complete each task within the time allotted for it.

It is helpful when you know how much time you have for each section and for each question.

6. Don' be late on test day

The last thing you can wish for on the test day is that you end up reaching late. This will only add to your panic and hamper your hard work and preparation. So be sure to start early and reach the venue before time, to make sure everything is under control.

Best of luck for your test! Just follow these tips, and you'll be alright!

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