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What is the 90-Score PTE Formula?

August 31,2017

No success comes without hard work. While we are pretty sure that you leave no stone unturned in working hard on PTE preparation, the task can be made a bit easier with tips and tricks suggested by experts. Here, we would lift the curtains to unveil the secret of scoring 90 in PTE. We have discussed a few items from each section that pupils find difficult to score full.

The 90-score formula for Reading

Reading bothers many. The lengthy paragraphs that ask you to select one or more than one options (MCQs) are tricky. The reordering of the paragraphs given is just more than applying grammar knowledge. However, for both the types of fill in the blanks, yes, grammar tips and tricks work; the PTE itself provides you with the list of collocation words that you need to read daily as a PTE preparation. There are hundreds of words but reading 50 a day may help after a month.

Reordering the randomly placed paragraphs: if you think that merely applying grammar tactics will help you score full points in this item, it is flights of fancy! At times, logic works better. We have come across many randomly placed paragraphs where more than one paragraph can be labeled as a 'standalone' paragraph. Furthermore, if you are taught that in case the paragraphs mention years, you may simply start rearranging them in chronological order. Well, what if one of the paragraphs talks about something in the past and mentions the year, and is actually the last paragraph!

MCQs: it depends on the length of the paragraph that decides whether you should read the question/options first. If the paragraph is lengthy, you may prefer going through the options/questions first, but in a case where the paragraph is pretty short, it is better to glance at it first. Short paragraphs can be remembered easily whereas long paragraphs are easy to parse or skim.

The 90-score formula for Listening

Keeping your eyes closed makes a lot of difference in our opinion. This works better in Repeat Sentence as well. If you need to take down the notes as in Summarize Spoken Text, keep your concentration on taking the notes and don't look at the screen, or else you get distracted and may lose a keyword or two from the lecture.

MCQs: PTE gives you a few seconds before the audio clip starts. In such a fraction, it is difficult to go through all the options given. However, you can certainly read the first line, i.e., the question or a sentence for what you need to find an answer. If you listen to the audio clip peacefully keeping your eyes closed, it would be easy for you to find out the correct option and Crack PTE in Listening successfully.

Summarize Spoken Text: while taking down the notes, don't write sentences. Instead, write key words or phrases swiftly. Writing only initial letters of keywords will enable you to note down more keywords, and the summary will be better. Take care of punctuations and articles while writing it.

The 90-score formula for Speaking

There is no secret formula for Speaking unless you practice it daily. If you are a non-native speaker, you should speak English with your friends and families. If you are fluent in day-to-day English, it would be easy for you to score high in speaking and crack PTE.

Describe image: in most of the PTE exams, graphs come as a describe image. You may form a format to speak it. And, so can go with pie charts. When it comes to processes and pictures, you need to describe it the way you see the images. Don't analyze the images, i.e., don't try to speak every single piece of information you have there. You should not miss key points such as the highest and lowest values on the images.

Retell the lecture: noting down the keywords as mentioned for the Listening section helps. Pauses and hesitations should be kept at bay because they are the main culprits to blame for the low score in Speaking. Every single word matters and thus, you need to be aware of the content spoken. If you listen to the lecture in a slipshod way, you will be losing contents points. However, you may fill the speech with your own words; it's okay as far as you are speaking some lecture-relevant stuff.

The 90-score formula for Writing

Full marks in Writing will require you to have good knowledge of grammar and thesauruses. You may use positive and negative adjectives to score high in vocabulary. You may read the sample essays on the Internet. Search for the common essay topics for IELTS or PTE, and go through the sample answers to learn the approach to the topic. Keep in mind that you don't need to be notoriously verbose in writing essays just to score high in vocabulary.

The factors that help you score 90 in PTE

Other than the tips and tricks for PTE mentioned above, PTE Coaching Classes may serve as a helping hand to succeed in the examination. The coaching classes for PTE provide you with experienced PTE faculty who can assist you in understanding the modules in a better way. An educational Institute like Aussizz also offers a PTE mock test which is a very important practice you to ace PTE. Online PTE mock tests by the organization give you the realistic flair of the original PTE examination.

Better practice, PTE cracking techniques, PTE mock tests, and guidance from PTE experts make a winning formula to bolster you to score 90 in PTE.