Successful PTE Master WORKSHOP

Successful PTE Master WORKSHOP

Our Master trainer #Malcom in a conversation with Himagna, who has chieved 79+ in #PTE,.....

PTE Live Session - Re-Tell Lecture.

In conversation with Jenny who has scored 90 all bands in PTE exam. Let's hear her story.

PTE Live Session :Summarize Written Text.

Aussizz Group Trade Skills Seminar - Migration Pathway Info Session for...

PTE Master Class - Special Saturday Session on 12th August, πŸ•š 11 AM to πŸ•” 5 PM.

PTE live session series : Listening module - Highlight correct summary

PTE Master Class - Special Saturday Session on 5th August, 10AM to 3PM.

PTE live session Reading - Multiple choice choose single answer.

PTE Master Class - Special Saturday Session on 5th August, 10AM to 3PM.

PTE Live Series - Describe Image.

We are introducing a new live series of PTE Coaching sessions on Facebook with our expert ....

Strategies for PTE Speaking Module - Answer Short Question.

Aussizz Group introducing PTE and IELTS Coaching at Melbourne and Clayton Office!

Client Review of PTE Coaching at Clayton Office, Aussizz Group

High Graders of PTE sharing their tips , Don't miss it !

Vidit Desai on scoring 75 points in PTE - Congratulations !

Happy client - PTE Score 65+ in EACH Module ! Congratulations ...

Happy Client sharing her experience of clearing the PTE Exam

Super Score in PTE on first attempt - 7 bands in each module in compare of IELTS

Happy Client sharing his experience and techniques to get high score in PTE

65+ in EACH module of PTE - Sharing his views !