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Make These 7 Changes to Your PTE Study to Avoid Test-Day Stress and Anxiety

January 23,2021

PTE Exam day stress is not because the PTE Test format is challenging; it is because the stakes are very high. And on the test day, it is because of the stress and anxiety that the skills are affected. Especially your reading and speaking skills, as your anxiety and stress is seen in your words. And that's where it impacts your PTE Score, and you end up scoring less than you expected.

But, how do you avoid getting stressed and anxious?

It is not something that can be avoided by doing something extraordinary on the exam day or a day before the PTE Exam. You need to make changes in your PTE Study way ahead of the day before the exam or the exam day. Here is a list of the changes that can surely help you.

7 changes to avoid stress and anxiety on the PTE Test day:

  1. Start Early
  2. Make notes
  3. Improve endurance
  4. Practice at tough times
  5. Practice avoiding anxiety
  6. Practice breathing and other exercises
  7. Sleep and food
Apart from these changes, we will also discuss a few ways to practice during the PTE Exam. Read the entire blog to know them all.
Make these changes in your PTE Study:

1. Start Early

Time is an essential factor; the early you start, the better and more you can prepare for the exam. It would be best if you started early as possible to prepare for the exam properly. Learn all about the PTE Test format. Identify your weaknesses by taking up a mock test and then make a proper study plan along with strong study habits. And make sure to follow the study plan strictly.

2. Make Notes

When you start preparing, make notes of everything you study every day and feel is essential. Write down the day and date of your PTE Preparation. And when the next day, when you start practicing, take out ten minutes to revise the previous day's preparations. This note-taking habit will help you remember all the important points and plays a significant role in reducing the test day stress.

3. Improve your endurance

Most of the PTE Aspirants do not have the habit of practicing for 3 hours at a stretch. They practice in bits and pieces. And that is the reason they find the 3-hour long exam very tiring. When you practice, make sure you sit at a commonplace and practice in the surrounding noise for more than three hours without taking breaks.

4. Practice at tough times

On the PTE Test day, you never know what you might be feeling, and you might not be wanting to take up the exam. You might be feeling mentally tired. And that's when you underperform. To avoid this situation, you need to practice when you don't feel like to. For example, practicing after taking dinner or waking up in the morning and practicing a task like an essay writing.

5. Practice avoiding anxiety

Anxiety can impact your performance during the PTE exam, and it increases if your PTE Study was not upto the mark. For this, you need to start meditating and opting for relaxation exercises every day during your preparation. And remember, do not try anything new.

6. Practice breathing

Along with an intense study plan, you must also plan to spend time breathing and other exercises. It helps you to stay calm. Exams are complicated and are often stress-provoking, and you might get stressed during the exam. And the best way to not let it affect you is box breathing (Inhaling for 4 seconds, holding for 4 seconds, and exhaling for 4 seconds); it keeps you calm and brings back your focus.

7. Sleep and food

Good sleep improves your memory. And it would be best if you had a proper sleeping pattern, do not change your pattern for the exam day. A proper diet plays a significant role in avoiding eating sensitive or intolerant food, especially before the exam day. Develop a habit of not going to bed soon after eating, eating healthily, and staying hydrated.

Add all these 7 habits in your PTE Study without fail.

Tips to follow during the exam to avoid stress and anxiety:

  • If you do not understand anything, do not stress yourself. Stop for a moment and start again.
  • And if you find difficulty while facing a task, close your eyes, think and restart.
  • If you lose concentration, go step by step and answer.
  • Stay focused especially answering the essay writing; Write a paragraph and read to check if you are not going off-topic.


Good performance in the PTE Exam depends on good preparation. And reach us to get professional guidance.