PTE Test Day

PTE Test Day: Do Not Stress Yourself, Treat It Like A Normal Day

May 21,2020

PTE- Pearson Test of English is believed to be easier in comparison to the other English language skill tests. And that is the reason some of the test-takers jump in without knowing what amount of practice it will take to clear the PTE Test. And there are the others who fail to clear the exam because of the phobia they carry along with them of doubting themselves of not being capable enough to clear the PTE Exam.

These two types of failures can be dealt with proper coaching and PTE practice with high-quality study materials and proper guidance from the certified PTE experts. But the strangest thing is that even after months of preparation, there are students who fail to clear the exam.

No, it's not the deficit coaching or improper guidance or lack in the PTE tips & tricks they learnt were not enough that lead to the failure; it is the fear of the big day -the PTE Test day.

In the PTE exam, it is not the four sections reading, writing, learning, or speaking alone the exam tests with their enabling skills or communicating skills. The test day also tests their months of preparation; their confidence all is put to the test. And many students feel their hands sweaty, throats dried and a sense of fear before the exam and finally end up facing what they fear the most, i.e. the failure.

In the end, you need to find an answer to the question that "how do you deal with the PTE Test day anxiety and fear?"

Guideline for the PTE Test Day:


A day before the exam:

The day before the exam plays a vital role in your performance in the exam.
Wondering how?

Imagine yourself to be mentally stressed and physically tired on the exam day or when sitting in the exam centre in front of your computer; will you be able to focus or concentrate? Or will you feel like sitting there for 3 long hours?

Of course a big No. You will not be able to stretch stressing yourself if you have already done it a day before the exam day. A day before the exam, you can make a preparation plan till the evening, not more than a 5-hour preparation plan. You should polish all your skills on this day, jot down the essential tips & strategies and work on them. Finish all the preparation by evening and take proper rest during the night.

You will feel refreshing the next day, your brain will be active, and the more you are relaxed, the more you will be confident to face the exam. So have a sound sleep and get proper rest.

In the exam centre:

The exam centre is your performance ground; this is where you got to fight your battle and perform to the best of your skills in the PTE-A Exam.

If you are not introduced to the exam day environment and the test centre, it is going to be difficult for you to face a stressful situation. You can follow the course of actions given:

  1. The first thing you will face in the exam centre is the check-in process for which you must carry your photo id after which the test administrator will introduce and brief you about the rules and the procedure to follow. Remember: Carry all your documents.
  2. The next stop for you is your desktop on which you are going to take the test with the other test-takers. Flashback to the tips: Do not shout while recording the answer; there are other students taking the test.
  3. Check all your exam equipment's and get them changed if you find a defect or if they are not performing correctly.
  4. The next step is to sign the Non-disclosure agreement.
  5. Now comes the stage to start your exam. You will be notified about the test duration and instruction for all the sections of the test.
  6. You can also take the optional 10 minutes to break after the reading section.
  7. In case you forget to answer a question, and you jump to the next question, you will get a pop-up warning message.
  8. Intimate the test administrator once you complete the exam by clicking on the "End Exam".
Note: You can address your problem to the administrator as soon as you face any issue.

Additional instructions to the test day:

  1. Leave early to the exam centre so that you can reach at least a minimum of 30 minutes before the exam without any hassles.
  2. A day before the exam find the exact location and proper route to the exam given both in your email or online account.
  3. If you carry things, keep them in the lockers that are allotted. (Do not forget to collect them back before leaving the exam centre).
  4. Collect and make proper use of the pen and erasable note booklet provided.
  5. The microphone should be placed in the correct position. (keep at least two fingers distance between the mic and your lower lip).
  6. Collect your attendance notice from the administrator before leaving the exam centre.
After following all these PTE tips & tricks for the PTE Test day, the only fear and anxiety that remains are of the result day. Your test results are generally out in 5 business days. Keep track of it with the email id or your test account. You can further contact the if you do not receive your results.
Remember, to follow these tips is not the only thing that is needed to score better in the PTE exam; the primary thing is the preparation. Find the right platform that provides you with enough study materials, tips and tricks, scored and unscored tests, and an experts guidance throughout your preparation. You cannot think of any name other than the PTE Tutorials.
"PTE Test day fear: The bigger you make it in your mind, the more it will affect you".

Do not let this affect you; get in touch with the experts and clear your PTE Test without any fear.