PTE Answer Short Questions

PTE Answer Short Questions: Follow These Tips to Improve Your PTE-A Speaking Score

March 02,2020

Along with other tasks that test your speaking skills, the Answer Short Question task requires your complete concentration and as PTE Speaking is the first section, and you have answered four tasks before this and by this time you get used to the format of the PTE-A Exam. PTE answer short question task has 10-12 short questions, and you get 10 secs to answer each question after listening to the recording for 3-9 seconds.

But still, some students have missed on minute details while preparing face issues in answering this task. Answer short questions require preparation at the microscopic level.

Let us discuss the areas where the aspirant's focus can be pin-pointed.

Tips & Tricks for PTE-A Answer Short Question task

  • Listen Carefully- Keep your ears open
  • Be Prompt and Precise
  • Do not go blank
  • Do not Overthink
  • Work on Your Vocabulary
  • Make your Grammar stronger
  • Make a picture of your question

Listen Carefully- Keep your ears open

As the PTE Answer short question recording will be played only for a shorter time, you must be very attentive. Listen carefully to sentence and focus until the end of the sentence. Do not miss any keyword that might speak about the context and help you understand better.

Tips: Practice listening as much as you can. Start it with listening to the news on the radio etc.

Be Prompt and Precise

Do not waste time on any question. Be attentive and answer as soon as the clipping in the recording ends. Start recording. Promptly answering the questions will help you save time to give a run through your answers.

Tips: Answer as soon as you hear the chime sound.

Do not go blank

Often, the ticking of the clock makes you go blank, and you get confused even at the most straightforward questions that are asked. You will keep thinking about whether your answer is right or wrong. And there you go. You get into the race of thoughts, and you might win it but lose a lot of time.

So, stay focused and confident.

Do not Overthink

To score better in the PTE Speaking section you do not have to be a master at everything. The topic that will be asked be very general, and hence you will only be able to answer with a bit of focus. There have been instances where a student under pressure and overthinking have failed to answer simple questions like "In which month does the 11th week of the year fall?" and he starts thinking of it and then starts counting on fingers and runs through various thoughts.

Work on Your Vocabulary

The easiest way to understand the subject of the sentences is to understand the keywords lot the text. But you will not be able to get that answer if you do not know the meaning of the word. Once your vocab is strong, you get to understand the meaning quickly, which not only lands you to the right answer but also at the right time.

Tips: Practice reading and articles and make sure to learn a new word daily.

Make your Grammar stronger

This is the essential thing to work upon if you are taking a PTE exam. Specifically, for this task, if your vocab is moderate, you can still get the answers right; by just understanding the structure of the sentence. Understand the logical development of the sentence and the information given in the sentence.

Tips: Focus on the context of the subject discussed.

Make a picture of your question.

Visualize your question while you listen to the recording. Make an image in your mind that will help you understand the topic more. It will help you imaging the answer, and as soon as the recording finishes, you can answer the question promptly.


  • It would be best if you stayed calm in-order to understand the task.
  • Do not pause for a long-time.
  • Think as you hear.
  • Start writing immediately.
These are the additional tips to improve PTE Answer Short Question that you could follow to make yourself proficient at answering the short question without any problem. Now when you know the areas that you should take care of; practice is the primary key that will help you become confident and quick. You can opt for the platforms that provide you with enough practice materials.

Note: Practice brings perfection. Practice as much as you can.