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Retaking PTE-A Exam? Follow These 8 Mantras To Get Success This Time

March 13,2020

Clearing PTE exam is a cakewalk. But this "castle made in the air" comes crashing down when the PTE results are out.

Yes! There are many aspirants those who fail to make through the PTE test. You would be surprised to know that this is not the only case with the non-native speakers of the English language, but a common scenario for native English speakers too.

None of you would want to be in the list of Failures.

Do not hold yourself back with this failure.

PTE-A exam can be given unlimited times. But one would never want to go through this phase as it takes a whole lot to fight back. So, why don't you make your second shot your best one?

Follow the eight mantras to clear the PTE-A exam and this time give a shot to the bulls-eye; your desired PTE Score:

  1. Do not be under-confident
  2. Consult the experts
  3. Take a self-Check 
  4. Right Resource at your hand
  5. Start as a beginner
  6. Upgrade Yourself
  7. Clear the Clutters 
  8. Avoid Common Mistakes 

Do not be under-confident:

Failure is the first step to success.

Remember this, do not get discouraged if you have failed once in the PTE exam. It would be best if you arm yourself with a confidence that you will clear the exam this time and that's when things will come falling-in. Believe in yourself and go-ahead.

Consult the experts

Do not be scared to discuss your PTE score report. It is just another try or shot that did not hit its aim. Go to an expert, sit with him and go through an in-depth analysis of your score. It will definitely help you find the loopholes. Once you have identified the weak areas, you can start working on them.

Take a self-Check

With an in-depth analysis in your hand from the experts, pin down your weak points with proper planning and entirely focus on them. Keep track of the improvement with regular practice and analysis.

Right Resource at your hand

You need to surf a little more to find the appropriate material. Opt for an Online Coaching that allows you to download and learn with abundant study materials like practise tests, sample questions, mock tests etc. Choose a platform that also backs up your learning process with evaluation and fill in the gaps with useful videos and blogs.

(With PTE tutorials platform you can also opt for the exam memories material- an ultimate study material that covers the repeated questions asked over the years in the PTE-A exam).

Start as a beginner

On the verge of improving your weaknesses; do not forget to keep hold of the basics in the entire process. Start learning from the basics as they are the drop of confidence adding up in your bucket. Prepare the right plan and start now.

Upgrade Yourself

If you want the result for your PTE-A exam to be different this time, then you got to do things differently. You need to change the ways you learn. For example: In the PTE-A Listening section, you need to start listening to radio shows, record them and then practice writing the recording to improve yourself. Bring the English language in every use, to talk, to read and to think.

Clear the Clutters

Do not forget your mistakes. Remember, why and where you lost your marks in the first attempt. Improve on them and find alternatives to improve your score - make your strong points stronger and work on to your weaknesses with timely analysis. Start concentrating more on eliminating things that stop you from preparation. Make a note of points to remember in each section so that you can polish those areas.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Aspirants tend to use the same words again and again. Improve your vocabulary and help yourselves with similar words or synonyms.

Some aspirants chose test centres that were overbooked and as a result of which their answers were not recorded clearly and concentrating was one of the problems. Book a test centre that is less booked and make it to the place the first thing in the morning.


Failure is not permanent. Start preparing to keep these ways in your mind. It will not only help you focus on the ground battle but will also prepare you for the big day- the test day.

Experts at PTE Tutorials are always there to assist you with tips and strategies to improve. With us, you also stand a chance to join the PTE Test takers community at Telegram so that you are in touch with the like-minded people. It has led many to success in the Test; this time make yourself to list of successful test-takers with us.