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Does noise around you at the test center affect your PTE scores?

June 30,2017

Looking at a person's countenance, you cannot judge his 'calmness.' And, this is the biggest problem faced by students at PTE centers all across the world! Cool-looking guys at the center surprisingly become as cacophonic as a henyard! The noise around you certainly bothers you, and there is no doubt about it. Nevertheless, many wonder whether ambient sound affects your PTE score? And, the answer, unfortunately, is 'Yes, it does!'

What is noise? How does it happen in PTE center?

Simply put, noise is any sound that you don't want to hear! At a PTE center, there are a few more test-takers. The number of persons depends on the size of the center. Say, in some center you have five students taking tests, in another center with more space, you may have more.

The problem occurs when people have a habit of reading things aloud. For instance, for your PTE reading module multiple choice question, the person just next to you starts reading it out aloud, and you need complete peace to understand the passage.

The PTE module of speaking makes things bad to worst. Beyond doubt, you can't expect everybody to be synchronized with you, and that is where a big problem occurs.

Does it affect your PTE score?

It certainly does! How? Because you get distracted. When you find yourself in a most awkward quandary, your brain stops working, and you lose your presence of mind which is a key to succeeding in PTE. Items like describe the image, read aloud, repeat the sentence, and re-tell the lecture require utmost attention that you are incapable of paying due to noise.

The solution

It does not matter what professional PTE Test Preparation you have undergone, when it comes to tackling the noise at the PTE center, it all fails! However, we are here to find some way out. Hope this helps -

  • Selecting the center: you may ask your PTE coaching center or PTE faculty about the center that is smaller. Smaller centers, as we discussed, occupy fewer test-takers making the hall less noisy.
  • Practicing in noisy ambiance: indeed, you won't be all alone to take the test. This gives you a great hint - start practicing among people! Whether you are practicing from online PTE Academic Tutorial or in the class, you should prefer sitting among 6-10 people; doing so you won't find the examination hall disturbing!
  • Improve concentration: you can cure the root cause! Practice meditation and apply techniques that help you improve your concentration. We have observed that with such a practice our students' brain could overpower the noise it had around.

These are the basic tips for PTE, and following them may help you go great guns; you can take the test confidently and obtain the desired score. Note that practicing is the key. We provide you with unique PTE Mock Tests to help you prepare and excel in the exam.