PTE Tips

PTE is Not Rocket Science: Some Practical Tips for Test Takers

June 27,2017

The Pearson Test of English Academic or PTE - A has quickly grown to become the preferred English test for students and migrant visa applicants alike for Australia. In just about three years, PTE has a lot of waiting for test date. This speaks volumes about its popularity.

While a lot of people are turning to PTE for their English test score requirements, there are many who are not sure of the test. Considering it has been around for a short while, its format and system of scoring remain an enigma to most test takers. This causes stress and heart sore for many, especially if they fail to get the scores they desire or need.

PTE Academic though is not rocket science; it is a very well-designed test of the English language. But compared to traditional tests, it is completely computer based, online, and well, it is timed. This combination seems to unsettle many test takers, who get stressed out and thereby score less than they actually can.

So here are some practical tips for test takers who want to crack this most important test of English:

1. Get a good night's sleep: You do not want to reach your test centre all haggard and sleepy eyed.Nothing can cause your scores to plummet faster than if you are already tired when you start the test.Being a continuous test with very little scope for relaxation or error, PTE can be quite demanding. So, it is always a better idea to get at least eight hours of sleep on the night before your test.

2. It is not a test of General Knowledge: Remember that PTE is a test of your command over the English language and not a test of your general knowledge. Many students fail to understand this. Focus on your language skills when preparing for the test; do not focus on gathering knowledge on wide variety of topics. So long as you know your English, even basic knowledge of other subjects will suffice.

3. Take it nice and easy: Many test takers feel hurried by the countdown timer they see on the screen and tend to start rushing in giving their answers. This causes them to make mistakes. Avoid this as much as possible. Take a deep breath, relax, and go nice and easy. The test is designed to give you just about enough time to answer all the questions.

4. Read the INSTRUCTIONS: Never ever make the mistake of not reading the instructions. There is no warning of a change in the question type - a question with multiple choice, single correct answer could be followed immediately by a question with multiple choice, multiple correct answers. So, it is important to read the instructions carefully for every question. Undoubtedly, PTE is not rocket science. With focused preparation and a measured approach, it is possible and easy to crack this English exam, and achieve a score that you need for your enrolment or visa.