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How to achieve a 90 in PTE Academic Exam?
October 21,2021

Is it even possible to achieve a 90 in PTE Test?

Though it is presumed unattainable to obtain the maximum score in a language test, there are ways to make it happen. No magic trick but definitely smart tips & strategies by experts.
It's a truth, not a myth. With the right PTE preparation, many applicants do achieve a 90 on PTE academic test. It can be done only with proper guidance, regular learning, and enough practice. Missing any of the three could certainly misdirect you from the path of achieving your desired PTE score.
Big News: In the last 8 months, 90% students of our students achieved their desired PTE score & 70% got a 90
Let the numbers talk!!
When we say it's not impossible, we speak from experience. At PTE tutorials, we have helped not just one student but 70 % of the students registered with us achieve the maximum PTE score and 90 % were able to get their desired score.
A huge success of such kind comes from expertise, experience, and enthusiasm. The enthusiasm our tutors have to go beyond regular lectures is what gives a rich learning experience to students and brings amazing results.

How did it happen?

Candidates are guided from day one of registration. Our tutors provide every little information a candidate needs related to the PTE Test. With an interactive online coaching program, they bring learning to you through a classroom-like experience. The sessions are interactive and the tutor ensures that every individual's learning is balanced. No doubts are left unresolved.
We record every class so if any case students miss the class they won't miss the class lesson. They can access the recorded lessons later.
To monitor the progress and assess preparation level, we have scored tests that are evaluated by experts. Students are provided feedback about their strengths, weaknesses so that they can identify and work on potential improvement areas.
We provide practice questions for each module, exam memories material, exam tips & tricks videos, a mobile app to practice anytime, anywhere, PTE Voucher to book tests at a discounted price, and a lot more.

What's that you must have for PTE Study?


Start with getting to know ins and outs of the PTE Academic exam. The test structure, scoring criteria, modules, question types, validity & acceptance by universities, etc.

PTE Study Plan

Don't jump into the ocean & drown. Plan your PTE preparation journey. If this seems tiresome or you cannot come with an effective plan. Use the PTE study plan created by our experts. Keep track of the progress regularly and stick to the plan.


Yes, you can get a lot of information on the internet but can you trust all of it? Can you get solutions to all your doubts? The answer is probably no! So, consult a professional who can guide you on the entire journey saving a lot of time & effort which you could have spent otherwise.


When you take practice tests, get them evaluated by PTE professionals or at least have somebody by your side to give you feedback. It won't matter if you keep practicing and stay unaware of the mistakes and feasible improvement aspects.

How to prepare for the PTE exam at home?

You already know about 'Online Coaching' which is the most result-oriented choice if you are planning to prepare for PTE Exam at home. Also, avail benefit of other preparation methods that can take your PTE Preparation to the next level.

Join Your Co-aspirants: There are a lot of aspirants like you who are preparing for the upcoming PTE academic test whom you can connect with on telegram. You may join the PTE Tutorials Telegram group to get your queries answered faster and find out the latest information about PTE Test.
YouTube: Video of webinars, Live lessons, Success stories, and PTE Exam tips are available on the YouTube channel. As the video makes learning better and remembering easy, make use of them.
Practice Materials: Free and paid practice materials are available. Get the practice materials and practice regularly to intensify the PTE preparation.
Exam Memories Materials: Every month we release PTE Exam memories materials that contain the most repeated and previously asked questions of the PTE Test.
Best practices: Know what are the common mistakes that can cost you marks and what are the best practices to be followed in the exam to improvise your score.
All the Best!

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