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Top 3 Successful Ways To Improve Your Score In PTE Written Discourse

October 26,2021

PTE Writing is one of the tasks that put your English language efficiency to the test. Most PTE trainers agree with this statement as apart from Speaking, the PTE academic writing tasks are where you need your grammatical skills to be flawless. And yes, it's not only about excellent grammatical skills but also requires you to focus on sentence formation, structure, and punctuation.
But there is a catch where most of the aspirants get strangled with, and that is TIME MANAGEMENT.
If one starts focusing on grammatical and other aspects, he/she fails in managing the time.
So, where is the solution to this?
Read the blog to understand how you can score well in the PTE written discourse.
Let's start with understanding what PTE written discourse is?

PTE Written Discourse:

In PTE Written discourse, you make use of the coherence skills with logical implementations of the linguistic resource to convey the exact meaning of a sentence. You make use of proper grammar with punctuation, word linking, and extensive vocabulary.

Both the summarise written text and the essay writing requires you to utilize all of these.

How to improve the PTE Written discourse to score better in PTE Writing task?

Try to understand the essay topic entirely and follow the format:
'Do not jump in without knowing the depth'
This instruction will be required in the written discourse, especially while writing the essay. It would be best if you spent time understanding the exact meaning of the topic that is conveyed before you start writing it (Read it 2-3 times for better understanding).
Relevancy with the topic is the first thing that you must focus on while writing the essay.

To check whether you have understood the topic or not; question yourself.
Ask yourself what is the topic all about? What are the key points?

Once you have answers to your question, you must make sure to use the correct pattern or properly frame your essay.

The first paragraph must be the introduction, the next two paragraphs must be the body or the reasons, and finally, the last paragraph is the conclusion for the topic.

Proper sentence structure, its formation and punctuation skills: 

Apart from focusing on the format and understanding the topic; one must also focus on sentence formation, its structure, and punctuation skills.

Using simple sentences often would sound dead, whereas utilizing the compound and complex sentences will add more juice to the subject. Remember to use formal words.

Also, keep a check on the punctuation rules like comma usage, colons, semi-colons, etc.

Note: The only solution to improve is Practice.
For example:

Sentence 1:
Sports Authority is improvising Sports arena. Added new pieces of equipment and attracting players.
(Sentence 1 is a simple sentence. Less engaging.)
The Sports Authority has changed the face of Sports Arena by improvising the infrastructure and adding high-quality, latest technology equipment. This change is acting as a magnet and attracts more professionals to the arena.

(Sentence 2 is an example of using compound and complex sentence with proper punctuation).
It is more engaging and pleasant to read. Isn't it?
The last step: - Analyse and improve:
Once you have written a meaningful essay or have attempted the other tasks at written discourse; especially in the essay task, you must give your entire content a read and check the areas of improvement.
See that the format of the essay is right; it conveys the exact meaning (coherence), the paragraphs have relevancy with each other, and seem to be connected (cohesion). If you find any error, develop the idea in a logical flow.
Regular practice will only help you in TIME MANAGEMENT where you can learn to devote the time to different tasks depending on your capability to answer the task. This would be helpful to enhance the overall PTE score.
But right sentence structure, proper grammar, useful vocabulary, and logical flow will help you develop to get a better PTE score in the written discourse. Understand the scoring pattern of each module with the PTE Score guide. by experts.


Following these three things, along with a lot of practice, will do the job to an extent. But only practice will be not enough. To master this task, you need an honest review and strict evaluation; which cannot be done by oneself.

It would be best if you got serious feedback to improve yourself and finding an PTE Online coaching platform is the best option as a professional mentor will guide you through the PTE Test. The professional mentor will not only make you aware of your weak areas but will also help you with tips & tricks to improve your weaknesses and convert them to your strong points.
Note: Get a professional tutor's guidance from a trusted resource.

(Be on a platform, where most of the successful test takers have been, i.e. PTE tutorials).