Vocabulary In PTE-A Test

PTE Vocabulary - Tips to improve and its importance for best PTE Score

March 06,2018

What is the one thing that you find the most difficult in PTE?

Answer: Using and exhibiting a Good Range of Vocabulary

This is the answer almost every time to the above question, which is proof enough for the struggle that almost every test taker has with Vocab.

One thing that every PTE Expert and candidate who has appeared for PTE can vouch for is the importance of Vocabulary.

Importance of Vocabulary in PTE

If we see it in a general sense, a language is made up of words, the more variation you can show in the words by making appropriate use of them, the more you come across as a native speaker of that language. It indicates that you have good command over the language.

Similarly, PTE being a test of English language proficiency, expects you to demonstrate a good vocabulary range to consider you as a 'very good' or 'expert' user of the language. Take any PTE Task, after grammar, the second most vital factor that can affect your score is the knowledge of different kind of words.

Talking in terms of practical environment, where you might be aiming to go study or work at a foreign destination, vocabulary knowledge is going to be really helpful for you to mingle into the environment. Using the right words at the right place creates an impact. So vocab is not limited to words, but it is a matter of usage as well which is technically known as collocation.

Remember, PTE tests academic style of English and hence, you must make a more formal choice of words.

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Some of the Challenges

  • Most of the test taker find themselves repeating words
  • Using the word 'very' most of the time
  • Failing to avoid using these frequency words 'a lot', 'some', 'none'

Tips to Build Vocabulary for PTE

  1. Make a target of learning 5-10 words daily
  2. Make a list where you note new words
  3. Note their forms and usage
  4. Extensive Reading
  5. Use a dictionary (needless to say!)
  6. Learn collocation of highly used words
  7. Include the words in your daily life by speaking
  8. Maintain a personal diary and use the words in it
  9. Utilise the newly learnt words while practising essay writing
  10. Implement an iterative methodology to remember the words
  11. Learn idioms and phrases
  12. Try to remember the synonyms too
  13. Listen to the native speakers and catch the words
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A Good Strategy for Vocabulary building

While trying to increase your lexical resources for PTE, you can prepare topic-wise. If you are yet not aware then let us tell you that it is an academic test and you can notice questions/passages of the academic theme. Therefore, you can select one topic at a time and start preparing.

  • Some Of The Topics Are:
  • Technology
  • Nature
  • Law
  • Environment
  • Sports
  • Health
  • Work
  • Television
  • Food
  • Government
  • Education
  • Movies
  • Invention
  • Communication
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Social issues

Vocab knowledge is going to help you in all four modules of PTE. For PTE reading and listening, there will be passages and audios respectively, where you might come across unfamiliar words. For PTE Speaking and Writing, you are checked for how well can you display your knowledge of different words including their correct usage in a sentence.

Keep a check on our "PTE Vocabulary" category of our blog for more useful and detailed tips on Vocab. We will keep discussing and sharing the strategies as well as the common things that are vital for improving the vocab range. You can also let us know if you have any specific doubts.

To check and practice the new words you learn, you can Sign Up on PTE Tutorials and start the Practice Tests. Regularly practising using our portal will enable you to be familiar with the test, adapt to the environment, increase your speed and hence, learn time management, and become more confident.

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