PTE-A Listening
Learn How to Crack PTE-A Listening with The PTE Tutorials Mobile App
December 01,2020

The Listening Module of the PTE Academic Test can prove to be quite tricky, especially for those of Asian descent. If you have been facing troubles with the PTE Listening Module, this infographic gives some top tips to reach your desired score.

With Listening, what you've got to understand and appreciate is that it takes time to get your ears to pick up what is being said accurately. For this, you have to increase your exposure to English language programming, be it TV, radio, movies, podcasts, English news, music documentaries or more.

Further, for exam-oriented practice, be sure to use the PTE Tutorials Mobile application. The app has in-built recordings to help you practice for the Listening module.

Regular, consistent practise every day will help train your ears adequately for the Listening Module.

Like in everything else, remember the maxim 'Practice makes perfect', and dive right into it. 

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