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Practical Tips for PTE Essay Writing & Summarise Written Text

October 31,2020

The PTE Writing Section is not as easy as it seems. There are instances where native English speakers have failed to clear the tasks. And often aspirants are found looking for the tips. Still, many of them keep on getting confused about the right and helpful tips and waste a lot of time.

But what if you get a manual for PTE Writing section that can help in your PTE Preparation?

It would be best if you break the stereotype which asks you to keep writing the essay and the things will fall in place. If you don't do so, you end up writing a story in place of an essay. Or else you might write every supporting point in one paragraph without it making any sense. And this is not only with the PTE Essay Writing; it's the same scenario with Summarise Written text. In Summarise Written text, aspirants keep on writing non-semantically.

There are no points that anyone can tell you to include in your essay and are correct. However, here are a few points that can help you proceed semantically and systematically.

PTE Essay Writing tips to add in your preparation:

PTE Essay Writing is not just writing down 200-300 words in different paragraphs in 20 minutes. But this part always proves to panic the PTE Aspirants. And that's when they write those 200-300 words conveying no meaning.

It's not the right method. For a matter of fact, nobody can tell you exactly how an essay is to be answered. You must only see that it's according to the PTE-Specified format; the 4-para essay.

For Example:
Paragraph 1: Introduction
Paragraph 2: Argument 1 (Against/for)
Paragraph 3: Argument 2 (Against/for)
Paragraph 4: Conclusion

Knowing the format alone cannot help you score better. Follow these PTE Essay Writing tips that can help you improve further:

  • Convey the topic clearly in the introduction paragraph.
  • Keep the Sentences small and to-the-point.
  • Do not use difficult words.
  • Do not repeat the words again and again. Use synonyms.
  • Make sure the spellings are correct.
  • Use the right grammar.
  • Keep the language professional. Use Academic language.
  • Do not leave the audience confused. Conclude the essay properly.

In addition to all these, plan the structure of your essay. Make sure you are left with enough time to review it.

Summarise Written Text:

Elaborating and stretching an idea to make it longer is not tricky. But the trickiest part is, to sum up, a text of 300 words in a single sentence. And that's where you need practice and skill to summarise without altering the meaning of the text.

About the task: You have to summarise a text of 300 words into a single sentence of 5-75 words in 10 minutes.

Now it seems a challenging task. Doesn't it?

The Summarize Written Text assesses your content, formal requirements, grammar and vocabulary. While answering the task, you have to start with a capital letter and end with a full-stop.

(Note: Only one full-stop is allowed.)

Here are the Summarise Written text tips that you can include in your PTE Preparation:

  • Skim through the text to understand the topic.
  • Practice reading and taking notes as much as possible.
  • Find Key points and Keywords.
  • Stick to the topic and make sure not to alter the purpose.
  • Do not give unnecessary examples.
  • Avoid using too many articles.
  • Use semicolon or comma if required.

Use all these tips and practice as much as possible.

Get Professional Help

Learn, test and improve.

If you are not able to track your progress, you can take professional help. Opt for the Writing Correction Services offered by several professional platforms. It helps you to analyse yourselves as per the PTE Standards. They check all your grammar, punctuations, vocabulary and spellings and provide you with a detailed assessment. You also get a post-correction service from them that helps to improve you further.


What you have learnt from this blog:

  • Do not rush to write the essay. Plan, prepare the structure and write.
  • Do not forget to review your tasks. Manage your time accordingly.
  • Be it the essay Writing task or the Summarise Written Text; stick to the meaning and purpose of the topic.
  • The practise is the only key.

PTE Tutorials is one such platform that allows you to practice with a lot of questions and also serves you with the correction service and expert guidance.

Remember: If not by yourselves, let professionals guide you to your desired score.