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PTE Self-Study: You Know Your Strengths If You Track Your Practice Regularly

May 26,2020

PTE Exam preparation is the first thing that is on your checklist soon after you enroll for the PTE Exam.

Because, what you know by now is only that PTE stands for the Pearson Test of English which tests your enabling and communicative skills via speaking, reading, writing, and listening section. Apart from these your grammar, spelling, oral fluency, pronunciation skills are put to the test.

And the other thing you know that it can help you settle abroad or is helpful if you are planning to study abroad.

But this is the first puzzle you have to figure out your way; you have to plan properly if you are planning to study by yourselves. As without preparation, it is not easy to score as you have heard of it being.
Find out the answers to the questions for a better and planned PTE Self-study: How are you going to start? From where are you going to find a reliable resource for practice materials? How many hours do you have to put in to achieve your desired score? What level of coaching do you need to clear the PTE-A exam?

How are you going to start and where to find a reliable resource?

The first step is to find a trustworthy platform that can give you reliable resources. But as most of you do, you will make a strike over the internet and end up scratching every nook and corner on various webpages to find a reliable resource.

How sure are you about the material you have for practice which you got from some random website?

An expert will never recommend it. Find a platform that has already delivered a good number of successful examples and have the experts who can help you prepare by giving you tips & strategies.

An ideal platform is the one that provides you with a lot of FREE materials to practice, covers topic wise questions, provides with exclusive content like previously asked questions or repeated questions in the PTE-A Exam.

Your PTE exam preparation is not complete until you find a way to analyse your preparation or test yourself timely. Find a platform that can help you analyse yourself. It's good if you find a platform that provides you with assessment similar to the PTE-A Exam standards and by the experts.

One such platform is the PTE Tutorials; it not only provides you with all the practice materials that we discussed earlier; but also provides you with the assessment or correction services. It also provides you with the answer correction and tips to improve further.
It also allows you to prepare with a different platform to learn from like YouTube, informative blogs, a telegram of PTE-A Exam Test takers community, and their highly efficient mobile app.

pte preparation

Level of preparation:

How many hours do you have to put in to achieve your desired score? What level of coaching do you need to clear the PTE-A exam?

Do not assume the answer to the number of hours you need to put in to achieve the desired score; as there is no level of practice, that can be defined. It all depends on how fast you learn.

"The practice is never enough."

The only thing you need to keep in mind is not to stress yourself during preparation. Include a few small breaks in your time table that can help you refresh yourself. The experts believe that changing the type of section you are preparing every 2 hours will help build up interest, and you will end up practicing for hours; which is the need for the PTE-A Exam. Use the mock tests that you get from the platforms, use a different way to prepare especially for the listening and speaking section. You can listen to radio shows and record your answers to test yourselves. Also, practice writing as you hear.

If you find a platform like PTE Tutorials, you need not worry about the level of practice, as this platform will help you when you need the expert's advice. Do not hesitate; reach out to them. The only level then you can switch to is putting in the number of hours every day.

Tip: Increase the number of practice hours slowly.


Preparing at home by yourselves becomes easy if you follow the sequence & tips:

  • Find reliable resources.
  • Prepare a plan.
  • Find alternate ways to learn.
  • Increase the number of practice hours.
  • Improve your weakness and strengthen your strong points.
  • Analyse your preparation timely.
All these plans followed along with the expert's guidance at PTE Tutorials can help you prepare for achieving your desired PTE score.