PTE Tutorials Statistics

PTE Tutorials' Statistics: The Story in Numbers

February 03,2022

If you are taking the PTE-A, then you have to take time out for preparation after fulfilling professional or academic commitments.
At PTE Tutorials, we understand this. So we have built a platform that is a one-stop destination for test-takers.

One platform for everything you can think of: Sample practice questions, video tutorials by expert tutors, weekly webinars, scored and unscored tests, Writing and Describe Image correction services.

For those who can't find the time for regular classes, there's online coaching.
For instant guidance, tips, tricks, exam memories and immediate answers to queries, there's the PTE Tutorials Telegram Group.

For practising on the go, test-takers can get the PTE Tutorials Mobile App on their Android/iOS devices. The quality of the questions matches up to the benchmarks set by Pearson.

Aspirants can also follow us on different social media platforms, for access to helpful educational content, made by our expert tutors.

Here's a look at our numbers below.

PTE Tutorials Statistics