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Should I Focus On Revision or Learning in The Last Days of My PTE Preparation?
November 19,2021

The PTE Academic test can be a scary and intimidating experience for many students, but it doesn't have to feel like such an impossible challenge. By following simple steps advised by experts in preparing yourself before taking the exam, you will find that they're not only effective - they'll also make this otherwise stressful situation much easier on your nerves.

Before going into any testing environment with unfamiliar questions thrown at us from all angles try out some drills by reading closely the test format, question types, topics, marking criteria, number of item types, exam instruction, etc.

However, the question here is "Should I focus on Revision or learning in the last days of my PTE preparation?"

Answering that...

It's always best when we understand precisely what skills need improvement. In the last days of your PTE Preparation, you must know where you stand in terms of PTE preparation. Take PTE Mock tests, get them evaluated, know experts' opinions. This way, you can find out what you should focus on and whether you still have to learn more or you are good to go ahead with revision.

PTE Mock tests help you gauge your performance before appearing in the actual PTE exam. Moreover, they indicate your ability of all the English language skills required in the PTE-A Exam.

Now the question is how do you do that?

Well, we are here for that. Our experts will help you understand the need of the hour and, would guide you with a detailed assessment and genuine feedback to improve further. All you need to do is take the PTE Mock Test. It also enables you to know in detail what areas you need to improve for achieving a better score.

Is revision necessary before appearing for the PTE Exam?

Revision is essential for any kind of examination. If you are really serious about facing the final test with confidence, then you must devote time to revision in your PTE preparation.

However, anxious students often get overwhelmed by the pressure of preparations and tend to neglect to learn completely towards the end which adversely affects their performance.

You need not panic or fear! Just maintain a balance between revision and learning during the last days before the actual test date so the PTE Test result doesn't shock you. But how can you do this? Here are a few tips to help you out with this:

Know your targetPTE Score

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) exam doesn't have a pass or fail grade. This makes knowing what minimum required scores are essential for admission/immigration more important than ever because you can determine how much preparation will be necessary when studying up to take this test.

Plan? No Plan?

Did you follow a plan for PTE Preparation? Allotted sometime in the last days for this part?
If you did, it's great!! If you didn't, you can come up with one, Now!!
Make a plan deciding how you are going to use the little time left before the test day considering the topics you need to learn or revise.

'No stress' rule

PTE Preparation


Even if the PTE Mock test result comes to you as a shock, do not panic. Not before the exam, not during the exam. Stressing wouldn't help, you may end up losing on even your strong areas. Relax, learn and give your best.

Get a PTE Mobile app

Install a PTE academic app to practice without interruption or hold. A mobile app is highly convenient as you can study anywhere, anytime without having to struggle for resources. Moreover, it is FREE Unlimited Practice.

The Last Question...

Is there still a possibility for you to get desired PTE Score?

Yes... With the right step, you still can. Get help from PTE Experts who have helped aspirants in such situations maybe hundreds of times. With reliable tips & strategies, they will help in achieving your desired PTE Score.

The PTE Tutorials platform has been used worldwide by lacs of students from countries around the world. Students who prepare with our tools report significant improvements in their PTE score after practicing with us.

Take a Practice Test from our website to know your PTE score!

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