PTE Summarize Written Text

Know All About PTE Summarize Written Text to Score High in Your PTE Exam

March 31,2020

PTE Exam (Pearson Test of English) is important to help you study or settle abroad.

You must have nodded your head reading this, but to what extent is it important? Are you putting in enough efforts to grab your desired score? Did you know PTE Summarize Written Text - the 1st task of your PTE Writing is easy to score, and it can contribute to your overall score?

Here is where many aspirants mistake to concentrate on this task. Though it is easy to score, it needs full focus and concentration. Let us understand in details about it to become more familiar with it.

What is PTE Summarize Written Text?

As the name speaks for itself, this task is all about summarising a paragraph into a summary. You will get a paragraph of 150-200 words which you have to read and summarize in one single sentence of 5-75 Words. You will get 10 minutes to complete this task. There are chances that you get a different type of exam pattern with:

  • 2 Summarize written text & 1 essay - (40 minutes) 
  • 3 Summarize written text & 1 essay - (50 minutes)
  • 2 Summarize written text & 2 essay - (60 minutes)

Is that's what it is? No, here is the catch. You got to focus on a few points.

As this task contributes to both your Reading and Writing score, you need to answer it carefully, and you get only 10 minutes to do so.

How will you manage the time?

As you start writing the clock starts ticking. The more time you take; the more pressure you will feel coming upon you.

[Time is Directly Proportional to the pressure.]

Add these tips to your PTE preparation for tackling this problem: -

  • Divide your time smartly. Give 2 mins to reading the paragraph, 6-7 minutes for writing and 1-2 minutes for reviewing your answer.
  • Do not go on writing the complete 75 words. Experts believe 40 words are ideal.
  • Do not read the paragraph completely. Just skim through to understand the meaning of the para and to identify the key points.

How to Answer the PTE Written Task?

To answer this task, you can follow two ways that the experts suggest:

  1. Focus on Key Sentences: There are a few sentences that convey the meaning of the entire text; identify them and put them together to form your summary. You don't need to start your summary from a sentence from para 1; it can be from para 3; everything is acceptable as long as your summary conveys the right meaning.
  2. Focus on Keyphrases/words: Use keyphrases or keywords to form a coherent and meaningful sentence. Write the exact meaning, with the right structure formation of a sentence with proper punctuations.
There are times that a quote will be given in the text; do not deviate your concentration there; it is more or less saying the same point as your key sentences. Also, do not waste time and your word limit to include the examples.

(Remember: If you exceed the word limit; you will not get any marks).

Tip: Make use of Cut, Copy and Paste buttons to save your time.

How do you Score in the PTE Written Text?

While assessing your PTE Writing, task 1 - Summarize Written Text, you will be evaluated based on your enabling skills like:

  • Grammatical skills: Use proper grammar to make sure you score better. Use the same form of sentences given in the para.
  • Vocabulary: Use the words directly from the para and use better synonyms if you feel it is necessary.
  • Form: The word limit is to be strictly followed. The writing style should be purely formal.
  • Content: You get scored on the accuracy of your content. Be to the point.
  • Spellings: As PTE is scored entirely computer-based, make sure to keep your spellings correct. If you start using British/American English, use the same throughout the summary. For example, "Organisation" is British English, and "Organization" is American English.
  • Sentence Formation: Use only complex and compound sentences with relative clauses and conjunctions to give the right and accurate meaning. Use the FANBOYS (For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So) wherever necessary.
Remember: Quality Writing & Accuracy will help you PTE Score better.


When you have learnt all the necessary points to work upon to improve your score; follow the only mantra to success, i.e. practice. Practice as much as you can; you can begin with reading newspapers, articles over the internet and start writing their summary. Also, practice completing the task within the time for better time management. Or visit platforms like PTE Tutorials that provide you with enough materials to practice and learn the expert's way.

Excellent Enabling skills + Time Management = Success