PTE Write from Dictation

PTE-A: 8 Effective and Proven Tips for Write from Dictation Task

August 06,2019

The Write from Dictation task in PTE-A tests your Listening and Writing skills. For this task type, the test-taker will hear a sentence, and he/she is expected to type the sentence into the response box located at the base of the test screen. The audio will start playing automatically, and the test-taker will be able to listen to the audio just once. The test-taker can take notes using the erasable notebook.

The main challenge in the Write from Dictation task is being able to memorise and type long sentences. At times, test-takers may forget words. Test-takers also have to be able to spell every word correctly. Being able to understand how words are pronounced in different accents will also come in handy. The aspirant also has to be able to maintain focus till the very end. Many tend to get overwhelmed by the task of listening, and they stop registering the words plagued by the fear of forgetting.
In the task Write from Dictation, the main difficulty originates from having to remember long sentences from a diverse number of subjects. Keep the following things in mind to improve your performance:

PTE Tips for Write from Dictation Task

1. Take Notes in a Better Manner

Use your own abbreviations for most words. Note the first three letter of every word you hear. If there are words of which you don't know the spellings, then write them down using phonetics.

The idea is here to write enough to be able to kick-start your memory to type the right sentence. Be sure to write as clearly as possible so that you don't waste time attempting to decrypt your own handwriting. Have your pen and note-board ready even before the recording begins. When the audio starts playing, try and keep pace with it. Try not to fall behind. Taking notes lets you conduct a spell and sense check before your type the words.

2. Enhance Your Spelling

Increase your reading in English. Read books, the news, and any literature you can get your hands on. To improve your spelling, you can start writing about your daily experiences. This way, you will learn about more words, and adapt your mind to write the correct spellings.

3. Improve Your Listening

To improve your listening skills, listen to podcasts. Watching videos is not the best tactic to enhance listening, since your understanding also infers from visual cues.

When you reach a standard level, challenge yourself by graduating to specialised podcasts.
Listen to podcasts on your favourite subjects.

4. Get Enough Rest

Before the test, get enough sleep, and take a sufficient intake of nutrients, proteins, carbs and fat to build resilience. Get enough practice but don't overload your brain.

5. Don't Skip Questions

Even if you can't recall every part don't skip the questions. Type down the words accurately as much as you can. Please note that there's no negative scoring. So, even if you write a portion of the sentence, you will get a few marks.

6. Check Your Sentences for Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

Make sure that every sentence your write in the Write from Dictation task begins with a capital letter, and ends with a full stop. Don't mix singular and plural nouns, or introduce article where there are none.

7. Place The Words in The Correct Order

Don't lose our marks by not following the correct sequence of words in the Write from Dictation task.

8. Take Mock Tests

Take an adequate number of mock tests to practice listening from an audio, and then writing it correctly. Get enough preparation for PTE.

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