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4 Tips for Solving PTE Reading Multiple Choice Questions [With Sample]

August 26,2019

Multiple Choice, Single Answer/Multiple Answer are question types from the Reading Module of the PTE-A. In both question types, you will get prompts with length up to 300 words. The main skill assessed is reading. In this blog, we will address sample two tasks from the PTE Academic Reading Module: Multiple Choice, Single Answer and Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer.

PTE Reading: Multiple Choice, Single Answer Tips

  1. Start with the question
  2. Skim through the text looking for the right answer
  3. Use the elimination method
  4. Pay attention to time management

1. Start with the question

By reading the question, you will get a clear idea about what you need to find in the text.

Let's take an example.

The question is asking us to choose an accurate summary of the author's opinion of Rembrandt.

2. Skim through the text looking for the right answer

Now, let's skim the text.

By quickly glancing through the given text, we get the following points about the author's opinion:

  • The author is praising Rembrandt and uses the terms 'misunderstood', 'revolutionary', 'liberal', 'Romantic', and 'bohemian artist' for him
  • Rembrandt continues to live through his art
  • People have contrasting opinions about Rembrandt
  • In the second paragraph, there is a flattering instance of Rembrandt's fame.

3. Use the elimination method

Now, it's time to use the elimination method to discard incorrect options.

Let's look at option A.

Though the text says "Rembrandt has lived for over 400 years now through his art", there is no evidence to support option A.

The given text says nothing about any artist replacing Rembrandt.

So, we will eliminate option A.

Let's look at option B.

Now, the text does say that Rembrandt is "grossly misunderstood". So, we won't eliminate option B for now.

Moving on to option C.

The author has indeed attempted to portray Rembrandt as highly regarded in the art world. In the second para of the text, the author even cites an instance to illustrate this.

The author does say that Rembrandt was "grossly misunderstood". The author also says that views about the artist range from "praise to scathing remarks".

Good enough!

Option C is the most accurate so far. Even more than Option B.

Let's look at option D.

There is no evidence in the given text to say that Rembrandt was a silent artist, or that he did not believe in self-praise.

So, we will eliminate option D as well. Option C is the correct answer!

4. Pay attention to time management

Before moving on, double-check the answer. Also, our experts recommend that you don't spend more than 1-1.5 minute per question.

Scoring Pattern

In Multiple Choice, Single Answer, your answer will be scored as correct or incorrect. Please note that there are you will not receive any credits if you choose the wrong option, or if you don't submit a response.

There is no negative marking in this task.

PTE Reading: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer Tips

  1. Start with the question
  2. Skim through the text looking for the right answer
  3. Use the elimination method
  4. Pay attention to time management

1. Start with the question

Just like above, read the understand the question. From the sample question below, it becomes clear that the central keyword is "kleptomaniacs".

2. Skim through the text looking for the right answer

The next step is to quickly read through the text to statements matching with the options given. Please note that there can be more than one matching answer.

3. Use the elimination method

Let's look at option A

According to the text, Kleptomania is a mental disorder. There is no greed involved, but the person still steals things. The text also says that there is a fear of getting caught, but the person ends up doing it. Later, there is remorse.

So, there is evidence to support option A.

Moving on to option B

After skimming through the text, we can see that there is no mention of Kleptomania being the result of a vacuum or void.

The text mentions that it is a behavioural/mental disorder. So, we will eliminate B.

Next, option C
This is the tricky one! There is a mention of the need for medical attention in the text. But no mention of a relapse, and we can't assume things.

Option C looks like a red-herring placed with the intent of confusing the test-taker.

We will eliminate option C.

Let's look at option D

The given text has enough evidence to support that timely help and counselling is required to save a Kleptomaniac.Look at the last line for instance: 'If someone is facing this compulsive stealing disorder, then rather than hiding it and living in the fear of getting caught, it's better to discuss it with family and seek a solution without being defensive.'

So, options A and D are the correct answer.

4. Pay attention to time management

Be sure to not devote more than 2 minutes for this question type.

Scoring Pattern

In this task, partial credit scoring applies.

For every correct response, you will gain 1 point. For every incorrect response, you will lose 1 point.

There is no overall negative marking.


If you follow the tips and tricks shared above and get enough PTE Reading practice, eventually your performance will improve. You can practice with the free Multiple Choice sample questions with answers on PTE Tutorials.

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