PTE Tutorials Introduces its Automated Scoring Technology with PTE Contest
August 30,2021

PTE Tutorials - a part of Aussizz Group announces the new Automated Scoring Technology that is designed to assess and improve PTE test-takers Speaking skills, specifically Pronunciation and fluency. The technology is designed and trained to evaluate a speaker's phonetic accuracy, word stress, tone, rhythm, speaking rate, pausing, hesitation, repetition, and many other features to help the PTE test takers grab a better PTE Score.

This technology of PTE Tutorials will help one of the most common problems of both the native speakers and the rest. For the rest, it helps them analyze their specific skills like tone, hesitation, and pauses. Whereas, it will help the natives identify the phonetic accuracy and the word stress, and more. Thus, solving the problems that were difficult to identify and improve by the PTE Test takers.

And what a good time it is for PTE Tutorials to launch this - With Lockdown hampering every work around the world, it made a huge impact on the PTE aspirants' preparation. And there seemed no way out through this. PTE Tutorials made changes to the way PTE test-takers prepare and it helped hundreds to follow the new and better-organized preparation methods.

And PTE Tutorials is not willing to keep it to themselves, and thus have come up with a contest for the PTE Test-takers. In the contest, any 5 LUCKY winners will be awarded an Online Coaching for FREE.

The PTE Contest is to encourage the test takers for a better preparation method. All, a PTE Test taker has to do is:

  • Register himself for the contest
  • Visit the website and fill in his/her details
  • Answer all the questions asked

Note: The questions are based on the PTE Exam.

Once, a test taker finishes answering the questions, he must wait for the assessment of his answers which is through the Automated Scoring technology. It provides you with instant test results.

If you score more than 50%, you get eligible to be in the LUCK Five Winners who can win PTE Online Coaching for FREE. With the PTE Online coaching you get:

  • Intensive FREE Online Coaching with experts
  • 8 Weeks of Interactive classes
  • 5 Scored Tests for FREE
  • Video recordings of the classes
  • E-book on mastering each task

Do not get disheartened if you failed to score more than 50%; PTE Tutorials have something to offer to everyone. Stay connected with PTE Tutorials till the Winners are announced.

And Aussizz Group, of which PTE Tutorials is a part, has always stepped forward for a Good Cause. Aussizz Group always believes itself as an integral part of society and contributed to its growth, here is a list of the activities:


It is an initiative by Aussizz Group, Ahmedabad, India that feels and empathizes with the difficulties that people in our society face to even earn a single meal for their families. And we are honored to update you that in the last year, the CSR activities have helped thousands of needy ones. And we are exhilarated with the immense support we received from the like-minded and they have been an important part to take this initiative to the next level. And we promise to keep doing this in the coming future and on a large scale.

Taking Part in Social Causes- 5k run -The Leukaemia Foundation, Melbourne

Aussizz Group took part in the5k run organized by the Leukaemia Foundation for blood cancer patients. Not only Aussizz grabbed the opportunity to support the run by contributing through the funds; but also took part in the run actively.

Preserve Nature with a tribute to SSR

When the world lost a brilliant actor, the pain of losing an artistic person was deeply felt by the Aussizz Group. It decided to make him immortal- And Sushant Singh Rajput still lives in the memories of his admirers who can always pay respect by visiting the SSR Point at The Mansion at Werribee Park.

Grocery Kits to International Students

When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit hard, the lockdown was imposed in Victoria; Aussizz Group stepped forward to help the international students with the Grocery Kits. Aussizz helped more than 2000 students during these difficult times.

These are the only a few that we could list out as the list goes on and on.

'With every initiative, we come up with is keeping in mind the welfare of the students and the society. And once again when the PTE Preparation is hampered; we are here to help the PTE Test takers. We wish every PTE Test taker should be a part of this contest'. - Says the Director.

Every PTE test taker should be a part of this contest; it helps them take their PTE Preparation to the next level.

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