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5 PTE Myths That Can Misguide You and Affect Your PTE Score

September 09,2021

Myths often Mislead. And along with a lot of tips & tricks and unauthentic practice materials, there are certain myths about PTE Exam Preparation that are doing the rounds on the internet. Guess what? There are chances that PTE test takers may believe them and it might affect their score.
Instance: A PTE applicant failed to achieve a good Speaking score. On asking the reason, he said that he read somewhere that for a good score, it is advised to "use a variety of accents to score better in PTE Speaking" and he followed that piece of advice. Here, the aspirant neglected all the facts and was also unable to find out for himself how the PTE Exam is Scored
The reason why a lot of aspirants go for PTE Online Coaching or consult professionals is to save themselves from a lot of hustle and wrong information. Another reason is, they can achieve their desired PTE score with help of online coaching.

Avoid these 5 myths to get a high PTE Score:

Myth 1. Do not use the backspace. It affects your PTE Score

One of the aspirants claimed using backspace affected his score in Summarise Written text.

But he must understand that the score might have been low because of wrong spellings and other minute mistakes that he must have made.
Use of backspace is nowhere related to you scoring low marks. It doesn't affect your PTE Score in any manner.

Myth 2: Make use of different accents and score better

Sadly, the PTE-A Exam doesn't assess your variety of accents. However, it requires you to speak in a natural tone and keep the pace average.
Also, the PTE experts suggest that you must not try to fake the accents.

Myth 3: You can skip a few of the tasks

When you are running short of time, it is better to skip a few of the tasks. And skip the tasks that carry low marks.

Well, before implementing or even believing this myth,s recall the PTE Test Format. The PTE Tasks are designed in a manner where the score from one task affects the score of one and more than one section.

For example, after completing the first three sections, you are left with less time for the Listening section. And you decide to skip the Summarise Spoken text.

When you skip it, you lose the marks it carries for both Listening and the Writing section.

Do not even think of skipping tasks. Instead, work on learning the PTE Tips & Tricks that can help you learn how to manage the time during PTE Exam. It is better to put them in use in the PTE Preparation phase itself.


Myth 4: Avoid the difficult words in Read Aloud

A popular myth about Read Aloud asks you not to indulge in speaking the challenging-to-pronounce words as you might make a mistake in pronunciation.

But if you believe this, you are neglecting the fact that read-aloud task assesses your Oral Fluency and you also get the score for the content. If you try skipping the challenging words, you might not be able to convey the right meaning and also miss on the essential keywords.

Myth 5: Choose Multiple Answers means Choose All Answers

According to this myth, if you are not sure about the correct option to choose while answering a Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answer type question. choose all the options given.

But choosing the wrong options will affect your marks as this task carries negative marking for the incorrect answer. It is better to leave the options unmarked if you are not sure about them.


These myths can be dangerous to a PTE aspirant if he/she believes in them. First-time test-takers are especially vulnerable to falling for these, given their lack of experience and knowledge. To avoid this, you must take expert guidance which will help you sift fact from fiction. Having an expert as a mentor will help you learn a lot of PTE Tips & tricks that can surely help you grab your desired score.

You can reach a professional platform that can help you practice with a lot of practice tests, and introduce to sample questions that make you familiar to the PTE Test. To improve your vocab, you can take the help of the PTE Tutorials Mobile app, that allows you to learn the topic wise and commonly used words. Also, learn the time management techniques with useful videos and informative blogs by the experts. The more you will learn, the quicker you can identify these myths and understand the reason behind them. It becomes easy to avoid them with a lot of practice.

Right practice and right guidance help you avoid the trap of myths. Adopt them now.