Important PTE Academic Updates 2021, You CAN'T MISS
September 13,2021

Pearson has recently announced the latest updates for PTE Academic Exam, the most widely preferred and recognized Language proficiency test. This evolution of the new PTE Academic has resulted from extensive research and analysis accomplished by professionals considering test takers convince and safety in mind. This will aid more convenience to aspirants as the online test is shorter than the regular PTE-A test.


Testing is planned to commence from 16 November 2021. However, aspirants can book their test from 25 October 2021.


Online Testing is available worldwide. So candidates staying in any part of the world can take the PTE Academic Online exam at their homes with the availability of required equipment.

What will change?

Duration & Timings: Duration of shorter PTE Academic exam or PTE Online exam is 2 Hours.
To ensure proper assessment of test taker's English skills no question is removed from the test format and will continue to follow the highly accurate testing practices. The test length is made shorter by reducing the number of some questions. Find details below:

In Speaking & Writing Module



In Reading Module


In Listening Module

Score Report:

  1. Scoring information will be explicit.
  2. Enabling skills will no longer be shown in the report.
  3. Test Name will be highlighted as ‘PTE Academic Online’.
  4. A new feedback & suggestion, ‘skills profile’ report will be given to help learners analyze their performance & improve skills.

Break: No optional 10-minute break will be available.

What won’t change?

Test Format: The assessment of language proficiency is still based on the four PTE Modules: Speaking, Writing, Reading & Listening and there are no changes in types of questions.
  1. Validity of PTE Score is the same as regular PTE Exam, 2 Years.
  2. Score requirements are still the same.
  3. The level of difficulty and content are the same as test centre delivered tests.
  4. Score report generated before 16 November 2021 will not be changed.

PTE academic online fees

The online test fee is the same as the regular test price.

PTE Requirement

To successfully complete the Online Exam, the candidate would require:

  • A location without noise & disturbances
  • Well-functioning Computer with a Webcam
  • Wired Headset
  • Strong Internet Connectivity
  • Installed & running OnVue software.

Check-in process:
  1. A system check need to be done prior to the test
  2. Candidates need to take a photo of their own self, government-issued ID, and their surroundings.
  3. The greeter would take around 15 minutes to check summited photos and information.
  4. Once done, the candidate can begin the test.

Summarised Difference Between PTE Academic and PTE Academic Online

How to prepare?

Candidates appearing for the PTE Academic Online exam can prepare the same way as regular PTE Academic. Since there ain’t any change in the question types, you can use the material you already got. The most efficient and result-oriented method is PTE Online Coaching. With regular guidance and training from experts, candidates can boost up their preparation & crack the PTE exam with an excellent score. Other preparation sources are Mobile apps, Videos, Blogs, Practice materials, Exam memories material, Practice tests, etc.

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