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How to Prepare for PTE: The Effective Ways Decoded
September 10,2021

If you have applied for the PTE Academic Exam you must have been looking for the most effective ways to prepare for the PTE Exam.
And trust us, if you are wandering over the internet to find the best ways, you are getting deeper into the web. You only dwell in confusion and end up getting frustrated.
Along with this, you might also be wondering:

  • How do the other PTE Aspirants prepare?
  • How much time do they spend on preparation?
  • What are the ways they prepare? and also
  • If their list of difficult sections or question is same as yours?
  • What to look for while choosing the Online PTE Preparation platform?

Answers to these questions will prove pragmatic. And guess what; we have made it easy for you.

PTE Tutorials conduct a contest that initiated with a survey to understand a PTE Aspirants Psychology that has helped us develop the best PTE Preparation methods.

Here is something that PTE Tutorials found out about the PTE Aspirants and their ways to get success in the PTE Exam:

1. Time

After analyzing the survey filled by thousands of participants in the contest; experts at PTE Tutorials could make out that on average around 23% of the PTE Aspirants prepare for more than 60 minutes and 32% of them prepare for 30-60 minutes every day.

2. Batch Selection

Well, flexible and convenient batch timings are the added benefit that PTE Tutorials has to offer all its PTE Aspirants to prepare. And that's the reason that PTE Tutorials observed that most of the students that prepare for the PTE prefer to choose the timings after finishing their daily works or ending their to-do-work by evening. The most preferable time is 7 pm and overall the evening batches are the most selected ones.

3. Preferred preparation mode

PTE Tutorials with its contest figured out that around 67% of the students prefer to prepare for the PTE Exam on their laptop which clearly creates a need for a navigating and easy-to-use website; just like PTE Tutorials. You can find out everything that you need to prepare for the PTE Exam on our new website.

However, PTE Preparation on mobile is the next best thing that is on PTE Aspirants' preparation list. Did you know that around 55% of the students that enrolled for the contest use the mobile app too? PTE Tutorials mobile app has seen a spike in the download count, and has 400K+ downloads; of which 6K+ have enrolled after the contest.

4. The hard nut

Well, you might underestimate and fail to identify the question or the section that can prove to be tricky in the PTE Exam. Though, all the sections and questions are equally important.

But did you know that Reading is the most difficult section for the PTE Aspirants? With Writing being the second most difficult section in the PTE Exam.

5. Look for this!

PTE Aspirants after spending money on PTE Applications overlook the importance of professional coaching and hence put affordability in priority. And that's it. There it is that you may go wrong.

To grab the PTE Score that you desire you must look for the PTE Coaching that is best in quality and also provide you with enough PTE Practice materials and preparation methods that easily direct you to your desired PTE Score.

And Congratulations! PTE Tutorials is the only platform that understands both your requirement of quality and affordability and provides you the best PTE Online Coaching at the most affordable price.

Adopt and evolve

We do not know how you have been preparing so far, but we certainly know you want to improve yourselves.
Here are a few ways that can help you do that:

  1. Adapt all these discussed methods right from the time spent, preparation mode, batch selection, and more.
  2. PTE Tutorials offers you the highest number of batches that you can select from. Choose as per your convenience.
  3. Do evolve yourselves by adding the preparation methods to your list. Spend equal time on preparing both on the laptop and the mobile. PTE Tutorials provides the most comprehensive PTE Mobile app.
  4. Make sure you make a list of all the difficult tasks for yourselves. If you do not know which are those; you can opt for the Scored tests to know all your strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Do not doubt the proven methods that have helped to produce results. PTE Tutorials have helped thousands that can ultimately help you too.
Well, this PTE Contest has not only helped our experts understand Student psychology; but has also helped us evolve, and we have come up with Automated Scoring Technology to give the students unbiased and instant results. We have also restructured the preparation methods that can help you grab your desired score, and out of this contest, 100+ users have joined our PTE Online Coaching.

You can be the next one making the right decision. Join our PTE Online Coaching now.

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