Scored Practice Tests- A Gem of a Material to Help You Ace PTE

September 22,2017

  • Is finding enough time to practice for the PTE Academic Exam a challenge?
  • Is finding good practice material a challenge?
  • Is locating good resources that help you score high in individual question a challenge?

Well, none of these are a challenge. The real hitch is finding out if you are practising in the right direction?

Honestly, if you are planning to study or settle or work in a native-English speaking country, then you know how crucial it is to score decently in English proficiency exam. PTE being widely accepted as proof of competency in the language, aspirants now more than prefer to take this test. Since its introduction, there have been many practice materials launched for the test takers to prepare. So if you take trip around the internet, you can get many materials including the tips and techniques for each individual module. But, what on earth should you do to know the amount of significant & positive impact that your practice is going to make on your scores!

Scored PTE Test - Communicative Skills

Yes, pearls because finding a good evaluation service is hard. First of all, ask yourself few questions. 

PTE Related Questions

Certainly, given a chance you would like to have a SWOT analysis of your performance before taking the actual PTE. It is just like rehearsing for a gala performance or pitch practice for a cricket match or several tests you gave in school before you took your finals or standing in front of the mic and an empty auditorium before the day of delivering your actual speech, and having your friends, mentors help you with understanding if your practise is going in "The Right Direction"!

Thus, talking about PTE, what actually adds more clarity to your performance is Scored Mock Tests. Wondering how exactly can that be? You practise day in and night out till the last day before your actual test date. But, you are still in a state of dilemma and probably just before few hours of the test, its anxiety might kick in. You can avoid all of this!

Do you know what that 'one magic thing' is before appearing for any kind of exam or performance that makes the experience smooth? It is 'the calm'! You are more focused and thus, confident when you are calm. All your practice makes sense when you will have that cool. Scored Tests are one way by which you can establish the confidence. They give you a thorough idea about your calibre of different important language skills. And when you know about your strong points and weak points you will know to tackle all the questions with grace.

Scored PTE Tests by PTE Tutorials

PTE Test is time-locked and there are several kinds of questions asked in four modules speaking, listening, reading, and writing. There are different communicative and enabling skills on which you are scored. PTE Tutorials provides you with option of evaluating your completed mock tests by expert and experienced PTE Trainer.

The various benefits of Scored Tests by PTE Tutorials include:

  • Evaluation by expert trainers: The test evaluation is done by the experienced trainers who know about the PTE Test and are well aware of the scoring pattern.
  • Evaluation as per the PTE Score Guidelines: The tests are strictly checked adhering to the guidelines given by Pearson for PTE.
  • Score Card: The results are delivered in an almost similar manner as the actual PTE score card.
  • Test Analytics: PTE Tutorials was created to be an all-encompassing portal for best PTE Practice. Thus, you receive a score card post completion of the assessment and along with it you are able to access the test analytics in your PTE Tutorials account. The test analytics highlight your strong and weak areas. It also gives you an idea about your performance in individual questions.
  • Time-based Test Analytics:  You will also be able to know your how well you are managing your test time and if you are losing marks because of taking a lot of time.

Therefore, the many capabilities that scored tests by PTE Tutorials offer helps gauge your standing in the PTE Test to a large extent. With so much of advantages, it is no less than a pearl for the test takers and many have had actual improvements in their score after taking the scored tests. So, there is not much to think about as it is action time! Sign Up today if you haven't yet and start practising or you can straightway head to explore the various packages of 2, 5, 10, 15 and up to 20 Scored Practice Tests.