PTE Study Plan

How effective are the Study Schedules for you to get target score in PTE?

October 18,2017

A goal without a plan is just a wish

It is wonderful that you have decided to study or settle abroad. You are working hard towards your dreams. Those decisions and the days you plan for them to manifest are like a roller-coaster ride; full of work, excitements, joy and uncertainties. All this doesn't happen overnight, does it? 

You must have thought about the future possibilities, opportunities, obstacles and much more to come to a decision. And after good introspection, consulting and thoughts, you might have started your journey taking one step at a time. 

From finding that suitable job or good institute to study to preparing for applications, funds, everything is interconnected and interdependent. It is months of planning and hard work. Don't we do that for almost every serious goal that we have in life! 

Are you still wondering how does this relate to preparing for the PTE Exam? After all it is just a test you need to pass. No Friend! It is not just an exam or test. It is a step towards your overseas dream. 

Your dream is big and so should your preparation be, in order to realise it!    

With determination any goal is achievable, and with a plan, you strategically move towards that goal. 

While you practice and start preparing for the PTE Test, you know your basic requirement to become eligible for the admission if you are planning to study or for the visa application if you are aspiring for PR or work visa. Thus, you have a primary goal in mind. If you manage to score well more than the primary requirement, then you again benefit. For students, there are scholarship opportunities. For PR applicants, there are extra points towards residency application. For work visa aspirants, their application becomes stronger. In any case, there are benefits of Scoring High in PTE

You know that you are going to prepare for the PTE test, practice different materials- offline and online. So when you know that getting high score has added benefits, it only makes all the more sense to actually aim for high score! But, you can't day dream about it and just wait for it to happen. As we said previously, you plan for almost every important thing in your life. This time you have got to do the same. You have to plan! A study plan works like a map directing you one by one with regular checks at intervals and finally taking you to your destinations. 

Strategies to boost your scores with PTE Tutorials' Study Plan

At PTE Tutorials, you have wide variety of useful practice materials. Being a complete study platform for PTE, it gives you the facility to make a study plan. You have the choice of acting on already available study plans or make a custom one to suit your schedules and strategy. 

PTE Test as you might know has time-based questions. So, you not only need to have English skills but you need to rush with your answer. Unfortunately, it doesn't allow a forever to answer the questions! Thus, time management is what you must be looking forward to learn. Next, you might be well-versed with certain skills but might not be so spontaneous with others. For example, you might be good at grammar, but not so good at speaking English. 

With a study plan for PTE Preparation, you can work on the weak areas and mark your improvements. You will know exactly the amount of time and efforts you must put in to excel in certain grey area of yours. Within a week you can reiterate or change your plan according to the progress you have made. Therefore, you steadily march towards your goal. 

How is this going to make a difference to your score?

  • You gain clarity of your performance and how much practice you must do.
  • As days pass according to the set schedule, you feel more organised and this in command.
  • Your understanding of concepts improves and you reschedule your plans for better practice.
  • You get to know what works for you and what doesn't
  • You gain more confident about the Test and hence, the preparation becomes more intense and worthwhile.
  • The feeling of achieving a target helps you get rid of the fear of test.
  • There will be no more stress or anxiety.
  • Things don't add up to the last moment. So, the studies do not become burdensome and you don't have to practice at unearthly hours.
  • It is a fact that studying at regular intervals develops higher concentration abilities and result in focused studies. 

Sounds helpful? Great then, while you make the study plan or try to follow a set one, we would like to advise you to keep these points in mind. 

  • Set some realistic targets. You can always reset them once you are on track.
  • Stick to the plan. There might be difficulties initially, but the pain will be worth.
  • Try to examine what you have learned. This will help you keep moving ahead.
  • Avoid unnecessary distractions.
  • Don't panic. Instead seek advice and help whenever and wherever required.
  • Set a visible reminder of you goal. 

Where there is a will there is a way? Yes. Sign Up and make your study plan. Do send us your suggestions or queries related to it. When you will plan your everyday practice, it will contribute towards your goal of achieving 70+ Score. 

PTE - Reach to Goal