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Which Is The Best Mobile App For PTE Practice?

May 02,2018

Appearing for the PTE Academic Exam? Do you think you have enough time for your PTE preparation?  Not Really, right?

If you are a student then you have your academic commitments, assignments to do and may be even exams to give.

If you are a working professional, it is evident that you are juggling office, home and PTE.

So, it doesn't matter if you are student or a working professional, we all have a lot to do in very little time. But if you want a good score in PTE then you must put in diligent efforts and learn skills to tackle each and every question in the PTE Test.

At PTE Tutorials, we have strived to deliver all the essential PTE practice resources, ranging from practice tests to materials, evaluation service and a complete system for self-study and self-analysis. When it comes to offering all-encompassing solutions for preparation, we are really dedicated to deliver as many solutions as possible.

Thus, we have come up with PTE Tutorials Mobile Application. Whether you are working at office, travelling somewhere, at your study place or home, all this while if there is one thing that you always carry, it is your smartphone. Now, you can carry the resource to practice PTE with you anytime at any place.

PTE Learning Must Be Easy

Best Android and iOS App for PTE Practice is here!

Here is what the App has to offer to you:

  • Access numerous sample questions of all the 20 PTE tasks for free
  • Refer to their answers and check out your mistakes and rectify them
  • Watch helpful videos by PTE Experts covering tips and strategies for every task
  • Record your speaking answers and refer them to identify your performance
  • Note your common mistakes and progressively eliminate them
  • Check out the various materials, and services to support your PTE preparation
  • Get notifications related to PTE updates, new resources and much more

So, imagine you just came out for a walk in the morning. While your brain is all charged up and has got good stimulation, you can sit back for a little while in peace and probably do some sample questions and apply the tip you learned the other day. This way you will be able to train yourself and remember the strategies better. Most importantly, it is a flexible practice.

Let's take another case where you are working at your office. You can't really indulge in practising the question on your work station. During the lunch break or short break, you can probably sit, relax and do a couple of sample questions or refer to the videos. You can also ask your colleague to simply asses your speaking.

If you commute by bus or by train and have a longer journey time, then it is best to watch the videos and learn the tips at that time. Not only will it save your time but learning in different environments will help you remember the information better as you will be able to relate better. Importantly, it will not be monotonous.

All in all, you do not have to constantly live under the tension and pressure of managing your time to make room for studying for the test.

While we agree that PTE is a computer-based test, and you must become familiar and comfortable with that, the mobile app will provide you much needed flexibility.

Major Benefits of a Mobile App

Interactive Learning

The PTE Tutorials mobile app gives you the power to learn every PTE task in almost similar manner as the test, not entirely but to a large extent you can study in an effective and interactive manner. It eliminated the limitation to carry your laptop everywhere with microphone enabled headphones.

24/7 Availability

Just like the cloud based PTE Tutorials portal, the App is available for use round the clock. No need to be time bound. Moreover, the power lies in your pocket all the time! Just practice as per your convenience and also leave out the tension to get back to your laptop and wait to get started with the test preparation.


Do you leave your mobile phone and go to work or just lock your phone away at home? You carry it majority of the time. So, App is a constant companion for you. Whenever you feel like, you can start referring to the questions, tips and more. The best part is the ability to prepare with portable device as light as a mobile phone.

Productive Time Utilisation

Laptop being a heavy device and workstations being immobile, you would not take the pain of starting either one, time and again for short durations. You can use the short time you get while travelling or at your work place in a productive manner and that too without straining yourself a lot.

PTE Quote

The PTE Tutorials App is evolving and the team at PTE Tutorials is continuously working hard on introducing new features and offer more meaningful practice platform. We are determined to turn it into a powerful tool that makes PTE Learning easy and fun. So, Download the PTE Tutorials App now on your Android or iOS mobile and start the flexible practice. We would also love to get your feedback.

Let's have fun while learning.