PTE Exam

Why You Should Reach For A Cup Of Coffee During Exams

May 04,2018

With 74% of the American population reaching for at least two cups of coffee a day, the humble coffee bean contributes more than just a social beverage. Turns out this little bean packs a whole lot of power and there is a reason it's called the fuel of America. Its nootropic qualities are legendary and if it has the ability to keep tired parents functioning at work, imagine what this super beverage can do for students during exam time? Discover ways to boost brain power and achieve greater PTE scores with the help of nature.

What You Should Know About Nootropics

Welcome to the 21st century where there is more to a cup of coffee than simply just a little energy bump before breakfast. With the help of research, scientists have unlocked the potential of not only the coffee bean but also other super brain-boosting foods that pack a whole lot of power. What makes a nootropic such a handy addition to the daily food arsenal, is that it allows the user a lift when it comes to concentration and cognitive function. For students, that little bit extra could just be the difference between an A and A+.

A Cognitive Function Super Diet

Turns out coffee is not the only ingredient that gets those jets burning, as caffeine is just one of the nootropics available on the market. Others that may seem familiar are choline and fish oil. A few years ago, marketers were extolling the virtues of ginkgo biloba and it turns out with good reason. This powerful nootropic has been used for centuries  to improve clear thinking, but researchers have also discovered that it reduces the speed of cognitive decline. For students, keeping thoughts clear is vital for perfect recall.

When More Than Perfect Recall Is Needed

Fatigue has long been part of the student's load and there are many methods to try and alleviate the workload for students, while still providing with a high-quality education. Nootropics once again fill the gap as some ingredients boost energy too, just like caffeine. Rhodiola rosea is known for its anti-fatigue properties which makes it an absolute necessity when it comes to supplements for students.

The combination of the right supplements, a healthy diet, physical activity, and dedication to study time are all factors that may contribute to a higher PTE score. While the effort may seem great, the reward is often greater.