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Why PTE Tutorials Is the All-In-One Platform for PTE Practice

October 26,2020

"Sailing in two boats at the same time proves fatal" - This happened with John (a PTE Aspirant). John got the practice materials from a different platform, took coaching from another, went on to practise with a mobile app from different coaching platform.

As a result, he and the coaching platforms failed to identify his shortcomings and provide him with a remedy.

And when the results were announced, he fell short of his desired PTE score. He soon realised that sailing on different boats; he failed to prepare accordingly.
"It's good to learn from your mistakes. It's better to learn from other's mistake."

Don't be John. Do not switch between the platforms while practising for the PTE Exam. If you are making the same mistake, you might end up in the same situation.

Failing to get your desired score in the PTE Exam is a waste of money and time. It also shakes a person's confidence. Be wise; choose a single platform for complete PTE practice.

Benefits of choosing a single PTE platform:

  1. You save a lot of time for yourself by not looking for other options.
  2. It shapes your PTE preparation from the initial stage.
  3. The experts can identify all your shortcomings and help you improve.
  4. The experts' guidance will be as per your understanding and level of grasping.
  5. You can track and develop a plan for PTE practice.
  6. Even if you choose to learn from the platform's dedicated PTE Mobile app or the tutorial videos on YouTube, you can get your doubts solved from a single point of contact.
  7. Your confidence builds as you do not get different expert opinions, and hence, there is less confusion.
Now, the next step is to make the right choice by finding the right platform.

What makes PTE Tutorials an all-in-one platform?

Right from the time, you sign-up with PTE Tutorials, your PTE preparation journey starts. Here are the things through which PTE Tutorials provides you with a complete ecosystem for PTE Preparation:

  • Resourceful materials: It provides you with highly informative and resourceful practice materials.
  • Sample Questions: You get almost 6000+ various questions to practice for the PTE Exam.
  • Mock tests: The PTE Tutorials mock tests introduces you to the exam-type questions.
  • Expert's Guidance: The experts at PTE Tutorials help you identify your weak areas and works along with you to improve them.
  • Tips & strategies: You get in-detail strategies and tips for all the 20 tasks that can help you learn all the ways to crack the PTE Exam.
  • Comprehensive Mobile app: The PTE Tutorials mobile app is user friendly with easy navigation. It provides you with a lot of sample questions for your practice.
  • You can also record your answers for the speaking section and listen to a recording for the listening section. You can also review your answers. You can also check your score, calculate the points etc. with the mobile app.
  • Additional learning platforms: Apart from learning with Online Coaching, and mobile app, you can learn from the informative blogs and helpful YouTube Videos. The YouTube videos contain an in-depth explanation of the tasks by the experts. You can also join the PTE Tutorials Telegram community of thousands of aspirants.
  • Additional Services: To take your preparation to another level, you can get the scored & unscored tests and Correction services that assess you as per the PTE Standards. The correction service provides you with a detailed assessment report and also provides you with ways to improve further.
  • Exam Memories Materials: The Exam Memories Materials prepared by the experts contains all the previous year's questions and the most repeated exam questions. It helps you practice with the real-time PTE Exam Questions and keep in touch with the type of questions asked in the PTE Exam.
  • Learn with FREE Webinars: The experts conduct timely webinars on various tasks and solve mock tests to make the concepts clear and to help you learn better.


PTE Tutorials = Practice materials + Sample tests + Online Coaching + Mobile App + YouTube Channel + Telegram Community + Correction Service.

This is all that you need from your ideal PTE preparation platform, and PTE Tutorials gives you all. It is a platform that has understood the needs of the PTE Aspirants and has developed the entire PTE preparation platform with authentic practice materials, expert tutors and is one of the best PTE platforms with proven results.

Learning from the right platform is half the job done, as far as clearing PTE-A is concerned.