Repeated Questions of PTE

Acing PTE: Why You Shouldn't Depend ONLY On Repeated Questions

September 19,2018

If you are taking the PTE, it is a natural tendency to rely on repeated questions to ensure a good score. Not just among students, but also among tutors. And they are not entirely flawed in their approach. But we intend to bring a bit of nuance to the repeated questions vs tips and strategies debate. Yes, repeated questions are essential, but not at the cost of building your skills with renewed practice, expert tips and strategies.

Don't Just Rely On Repeated Questions

From students' experience of appearing for University exams, they always seek to prepare according to a given pattern or a template. This may be true to a certain extent. Keep in mind that PTE is not a University test, but a test of your functional proficiency in English.

Based on student feedback and inputs from our experts, we strongly recommend that you don't just depend on studying a bunch of repeated questions to get your desired score, because it may not always be possible to accomplish that.

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Yes, there are the odd instances, wherein the test-taker nails a perfect 90 by just preparing 300-400 repeated questions. But trust us when we say that such cases are an exception and not the norm.

Even in the Essay and Summarise Written Text sections, sticking with just the repeated questions will not fetch you more than a 4 or 5 band score, in all probability.But, our experience tells us that this may not be sufficient to score a perfect 90.

Build Your PTE Strategy

One word: Strategy. We can't stress enough on how crucial it is to devote time to sharpen your approach to the exam. Be it the Describe Image Task in the Speaking Section, or the Re-tell Lecture task, or even the Write from Dictation task in the Listening Section, you cannot possibly download a set of 300-400 repeated questions, commit everything to memory and head to the exam centre with high hopes of scoring a perfect score. Doing so would be impractical.

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However, if you can understand the correct method to approach these tasks, follow the scoring criteria, and only then build your confidence by practising with a sufficient number of repeated questions, then you can score well in the exam.

Consult the Experts

Do not approach the exam without giving enough weightage to tips and strategies. You'll need them. You have to rely on expert tutors. Expert tutors have years of experience in coaching thousands of students, and they can offer you insightful advice. What you need to do is follow their lead, and then practice accordingly.

Build Your Skills & Perfect Score Will Follow

Prepare a study plan as per your learning needs, polish your skills, gain confidence in your grammar, fluency, vocabulary, and speaking skills. Doing this is far more important than stressing over covering ALL of the repeated questions.

If you are looking for online coaching for PTE, feel free to reach out to us. Avail our Writing Correction & Describe Image Correction Services to get your desired score.