PTE Academic Speaking

Will Using a Mask Affect Your PTE Academic Speaking Performance?

July 21,2020

The global COVID-19 pandemic had initially brought the entire world into a standstill, with lockdowns, and closures enforced. PTE Academic testing was also affected as a result. However, now even as the efforts to contain the effects of the virus continue, Pearson has worked hard to resume PTE Academic testing in a number of countries. These include India, Australia and China.

To comply with the official requirements under the new 'normal', Pearson has limited the test-takers per session.

Masks & the PTE Academic Exam

Many test-takers are curious regards to the wearing of masks in testing facilities.

Pearson has clarified about the same.

  • All test-takers are recommended to bring and wear face masks during testing
  • As long as the nose and the mouth are wholly covered, any surgical/cloth face mask (including homemade) are acceptable
  • During the check-in process, you have to remove your mask briefly
  • If you don't have a mask on, the testing centre has the right to deny you the testing services
  • In case you refuse to wear a mask, it is advised that you reschedule your exam (free of charge) for later
Please note: If your test is scheduled at a PPC (Pearson Professional Center), then you have to bring and wear the face mask. Currently, some PPCs in Australia and the UK are exempt from following this policy.

If your test is scheduled at a centre run by Pearson partners

  • At centres not owned by Pearson, their mask policy does not apply
  • You are advised to check with your local health agency to check if it is necessary to wear a mask
  • The mask policy is at the discretion of these test centres
  • The centres may also require compliance with additional precautionary measures
  • Pearson recommends carrying your own masks to these centres
Will wearing a mask affect your PTE Speaking Module score?

Pearson says If you wear a mask, then it may adversely affect your speaking score if your voice is muffled/unclear.

Tips for scoring well in the Speaking Module with A Mask On

  1. Make sure that mask is not too tight
  2. Test your mask beforehand to make sure that it does not render your voice muffled or unclear
  3. Please don't keep the microphone too close to the mask, as it may affect the recording
  4. Don't wear thick/padded masks
  5. Use masks with nose clips, so that your mouth doesn't touch the inner cloth of the mask
  6. Avoid keeping the inner cloth of the mask close to the mouth. While inhaling or exhaling, your voice may be rendered unclear. This may happen because of the constant touching between the cloth and the mask
Our experience

In our experience so far, the mask has not become an impediment in students achieving their desired scores in the PTE Academic Exam. Be sure to follow the tips mentioned above, and practice with the PTE Tutorials Mobile Application.

In case you are looking for more PTE personalised guidance, you can also sign up for Online Coaching, without stepping out of your home.

Our experience and certified PTE tutors will guide you towards your desired score in the test.