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7 Tips for Choosing the Best Online Platform for PTE Study

July 24,2020

When you are preparing for the PTE Academic Exam, you might achieve success in the first attempt, but there are chances that even after a lot of practice pte aspirants fail to clear the PTE Exam. So, where do they lack? Did the amount of preparation or the tips for PTE Exam fall short in helping them achieve success?

Well, the PTE Experts believe that there is no amount of preparation decides whether you will succeed in clearing the PTE academic exam or you will achieve your desired PTE Score.

It is just the way and the planning with which you prepare for your PTE Exam.

Let's know the experts' method of preparation and adapt it to achieve the desired score:

1.Know all about PTE

To begin your PTE Study, you must know all about the PTE Exam.

You must know that the exam is a 3-hour long exam which is entirely a computer-based exam. It gives unbiased and quick results as the exam is evaluated with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Many countries accept it as a qualifying English skill test required for studying or settling abroad.
This PTE academic exam is one of the most comfortable English skill tests that test your communicating and enabling skills through 20 tasks divided among four different sections Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. You get a score of 10-90 points on clearing the exam.

2.Know strength & weaknesses

Once you know all about the PTE Exam, you must then understand what your strengths and weaknesses are and which are the section or skills that are to be polished and improved. You might be a native English speaker, but that doesn't make clearing the PTE exam a Cakewalk for you.
Though the Speaking and Listening section can sound familiar as you have been speaking the English language, there are chances that you might make a few grammatical or spelling mistakes in the writing section. So, choose an online platform only once you are aware of your strength and weaknesses.

3.Practice materials

When you start looking for the practice materials over the internet, you will get thousands of option to choose from, but the only question that will make keep you hunting for more opportunities is the authenticity of the resources. Experts thus believe that you can opt for the online coaching that provides you with the proven and experts prepared practice materials.
There are platforms like PTE Tutorials that provide you with a lot of FREE practice materials along with Online PTE Coaching by the experts.

4.Mock tests and sample tests

You should always make the best usage of the mock test and the sample tests that you get; practice solving them as much as you can. These both tests make you familiar with the type of questions asked in the exam. You will with a little extra practice figure out the gist and keywords for the question asked in the PTE Academic Exam, which helps you solve the questions in the less time and save time for reviewing your answers. So, when you see the Mock tests and sample tests, remember to practice more and more.

5.Timely analysis

Practice plays a significant role but only practising with the mock tests, and the sample tests are not enough. It would be best if you got yourself, and the test analysed and evaluated from time to time. It helps you identify and fill the loopholes. Some platforms offer correction services that evaluated you as per the PTE Standards and makes you aware of the PTE Marking criteria and the evaluation standards.

6. Regular Feedback

A mentor plays a unique role in helping you achieve your desired PTE score. Find the right mentor who can guide you in the right direction and help you with detailed assessments and the way to improve at each step.

7. Additional platforms

It is not right to depend only on a single platform or two if you want to achieve a higher score in the PTE Exam. Your practice gets complete with the addition of PTE Study app and other ways that you can include in your PTE Test preparation. You can download PTE mobile app that help you practice with different practice materials, and you can study with them all the time.

YouTube is another such platform that allows you to learn through different helpful videos that provide tips for the PTE Exam through the most effective audio-visual method.


After reading the blog, you would have by now understood that along with a right online coaching platform; you need other additional things like guidance, feedback and other additional platforms. PTE Tutorials is the platform that not only provides you with flexible class timings for the online coaching; but also provides you with a comprehensive mobile app that allows you to record your answers & listen to the recordings for the speaking and listening sections. It also allows you to join their YouTube channel where you can find topic wise videos with the tips & strategies from the experts. In addition to all these, you can also join the PTE Tutorials Telegram group so that you do not miss any questions.

Make the right choice and start practising.