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Classroom + Online Learning- Blended Learning works like a Charm on your PTE Score

October 26,2017

Since childhood we are acquainted with learning in a classroom environment. It is important and advantageous as it helps to build other cognitive skills. With changing times and evolving technologies, learning became flexible and innovative. The capacities of delivering interactive teaching have become easier. And the various digital combination of audio-visual is also effective now. Making the most of both the online learning and classroom teaching, thus, manifest best results.

While preparing for PTE also, you will find many good coaching centres as well as plenty of helpful online materials. Both these form have their own benefits. So, together they become no less than a perfect way to get a High Score in the PTE Test.

Let us look at some of the best traits of these both.


  • In this form of learning, you are not the only learner. There are multiple learners with you. Every individual has their grasping capacity and individual thought process. In classes, the exchange of ideas and knowledge thus takes place in a finest manner.
  • Nowadays the classes make use of Projectors, computers, speakers, which is again good for PTE Practice. To learn the concept collectively with fellow test takers, aids in starting healthy discussions about doubts and issues. Thus, several such doubts that you might not even know that you could have will be cleared.
  • Additionally, a trainer can help you take up and tackle each and every module and their questions one by one. We must admit that mostly we struggle with discipline while practising for any kind of test. Same is the case with the PTE Test. The trainer can help us keep a check for a daily practice and also provide you periodic guidance.
  • Most importantly, a trainer will motivate you. There might come a time when you might feel stuck or stressed. Talking to an expert who is well-experienced about the test helps reinstate the faith in you.
  • Another significant aspect of classes is that you might come across aspirants who have already taken the test once and are experienced or have same doubts and find similar thing challenging.

You get motivated and gain confidence when some fellow test taker actually achieves their target score by applying the strategies that you had learnt together.

Optimise the Score in PTE

Online Learning

  • The internet has inexhaustible amount of resources. Thus, you will have a lot of practice materials. For different level, you can get different materials. If you are looking to practice certain modules or questions more than the other then that is possible with online learning.
  • Many of the PTE experts and tutors have made their tips and strategies for the PTE Test available online. There are online video tutorials where you can find explanation of the many questions and their answers. Thus, you get access to best of tips from multiple expert and experienced trainers.
  • One amazing benefit about the online learning is the liberty to practise at any place. Be it a bustling café, library, your room or roof top of a clock tower. It is not always required that you be connected to the internet to prepare for specific types of questions. So it is a good freedom.
  • Complementing the freedom of place is the freedom to practice at any time suitable to you. You might be a working professional or a very busy student who can hardly find a day or two to attend classes. For you, availability of the useful materials online works like a boon. Additionally, there is no time constraint as to when you choose to practise, be it in break during the day or odd hours of night.
  • If you are looking to share suggestions or ask doubts related to your practice and also seek some general advice from either like-minded people or experts, then you can absolutely do that on expert forums or discussion rooms that are specially formed for PTE and its test takers.
  • Adding to your practice is the service like test evaluation and scoring and materials specific to certain crucial questions. When you get your score after evaluation, you develop an understanding about your strengths and weaknesses. You can then strategically focus on those areas for improvement in scores.

Both the forms of learning are great and give so much of capabilities to a learner. It is, at the end, onto you how you utilise the resources that are at your disposal. We definitely recommend the blended learning method. Having witnessed numerous students reach 70+, 80+ and even the perfect 90 score, we can vouch for the supremacy of combined learning. Let us know the difficulties you are facing and we will bring a custom solution of it for you!