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FAQs Related to The PTE Exam and PTE Test Preparation

November 10,2017

For a normal person, as you advance through and decode the PTE Academic Test one by one, you will have a lot of exam related questions. Honestly, there is more information available on the internet about the test and all the crucial as well as concerning questions that you might have, which is simply irrelevant for us to cover here. Instead, we will indulge into discovering the questions that are in the back of your mind but you ever really bothered finding answers for them. Most importantly, we will pose the queries related to PTE Test Practice that actually a curious and a normal test taker might have and try to provide satisfactory and genuine answers to them.

Let us quickly talk about the questions in regards to the PTE Test.

PTE Test

Queries concerning the PTE Test

Is this form of test a good way to test the language ability of a student?

Pearson has put in a lot of research and development combined with intensive work on figuring out the test format and this methodology. While it is true that it is not so conventional method of testing, it is standardised to ensure that the capabilities of modern day test taker are fairly judged. We are an adaptive species. With technology we are evolving and making tasks convenient. Such is the case with the PTE Test style. The essence of checking the language ability of a person has been well taken care of.

How do I determine that my scores are legitimate?

PTE has automated testing system which makes use of algorithms and patented technology to score your test. It is a highly sophisticated technology. The system eliminates any probability of bias or levels of judgement that a human factor might involve. It is a language test and thus there is no individual logic to be checked. A language has a vast yet defined structure which can be assessed. The various skills it involves can be examined. This is what exactly the PTE does with best permutation and combination for assessment.

Is it possible that my data of the exam is lost?

When an organisation introduces a capability of such a large scope, it becomes a vital responsibility. Thus, all such possibilities of hazards as well as technical errors have been kept in mind for the PTE test. There is not much you should worry in this regards. 

If you have any more such questions, you can directly write to us at or you can check out the ones already answered by Pearson here  

For now, let's move forward to the questions you might have regarding PTE Preparation.

Queries concerning Practise for PTE

I have never worked on computer in my life or I hate computers. Is this test going to be difficult for me?

Remember, you never started running as soon as you were born or for that matter you never really started using spoon to eat just like that. You learnt everything. And as you grew, you developed the capability to learn things, develop habits by yourself. Of course you were taught the basics and now with such wide level of assistance available, it is indeed easier to learn. So, wave off to your fear of computer illiteracy because with practise you will only get better. It is all about acceptance, friends.  

I am confused about starting my preparation. Should I join classes or start self-study?

It really depends on you, your comfort and your option availability. We have extensively discussed about Classroom Plus Online Learning and also about cracking PTE through self-study. All we can say is that first set a goal as to when you must clear you exam if there are any deadlines or how much time would you like to invest in the preparation or is it important for you to get 75+ score. Decide your priority and weigh your options. Let us know if you need any assistance with that, we are just a call away.

PTE Practice

I am struggling with particular question type. How do I improve?

Most of the areas where PTE test takers struggle are Writing and Speaking. Ultimately you learn to answer reading and listening with decent amount of practise. But many of us are not so fond of writing. There are various materials specific to the questions available online. PTE Tutorials provided materials like Essay Essentials, and Guide to Describe Image in PTE Speaking. These materials elaborate on cracking these specific tasks and talk about the question format, scoring and provides best ways to answer, all in an organised way.

I practised the test and ran out of time in the test. How can I increase my speed and yet give write answers?

Wow, we are happy you realised the importance of time in the PTE Test. Not many acknowledge that. So, managing time is indeed possible and if you do that well, you can increase your scores. Time management and learning the language skills will go hand in hand. The more you practice certain skill, you get close to becoming proficient in it and thus, you increase your speed in utilising that skill. PTE Tutorials gives you time based test analytics so that you can understand where you are losing marks by consuming large amount of time to answer a question.

There are plenty of sites claiming that after referring to their materials I will get 70+ score. How is it guaranteed?

Here what matters is you at least try a platform. Like on PTE Tutorials, you have 180+ sample questions, model answers and their explanations, video tutorials, practice tests. Additionally, there are features like study plan, test analytics, options to connect with nearby test takers, have discussions, and more to enhance your practise. It is a complete one stop destinations for your preparation. As far as the guarantee of score is concerned, you must follow the tips and strategies in the right manner and keep a periodic check on your performance. Blindly practising certain things at a humongous stretch of time is simply never the solution. As mentioned previously, have a goal, develop a plan to achieve it and work towards it with regular performance check. If you want some expert to examine your tests, then you can also opt for evaluation services.

Should I seek extra assistance with my PTE practice?

Logically, when you are appearing for any test, your judgement of your performance is limited. If at all you assess yourself on all factors, it is possible that you miss out on some really impactful one or some hidden factor. For this, you can first go for scored practice test. At PTE Tutorials, you will get a score card similar to that of the actual test and above that you will be able to analyse your results with the help of test analytics and test results feature. It is one features from which many of the test takers have benefitted. You can check the Scored Tests here.

PTE Related Complete Solution

Are all the advice and tips related to the PTE genuine?

The tips and strategies available widely are result of the experience of the experts and experienced people. So, it cannot be total false. Genuineness cannot be decided on the working of those tips. Because your way of approaching an answer is going to be different than others on account of the different level as well as method of understanding with which you are acquainted. However, technical tips definitely works and are genuine most of the time. Try to read from credible sources who have depicted their abilities via testimonials or score cards. You can again establish your trust by exploring the entire material provided by a particular source.

Overall, we hope we have cleared your doubts. If you still got any query you are always welcome to ask us. Without further delay get on with your practise by Signing Up here if you haven't already done that.