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Ways to prepare and crack PTE by Self-Study

November 14,2017

You need to provide the proof of your English language competency and you have decided to appear for PTE Academic. Now the questions that have you in a state of dilemma are,

'What about preparation for the PTE Test?'

'What is the best way in which I can study to get a decent score in the score card?'

Congratulations, welcome to the club of PTE Test Takers. These are the very first questions that almost every test taker thinks. You are not the only one who is haunted by them. Another thought that might definitely have crossed your mind is 'Is it possible to crack the PTE exam by self-study?' We kid you not, but yes, it is possible. And indeed if you decide to study by yourself then it might not be such a bad idea. It is ok if you have a tight work or study schedule which would restrict the ways you could have prepared for the PTE.

As we always remind the test takers and ourselves, 'Where there is a will, there is a way!' here in this blog, we are going to help you understand the real scenario when you decide to study yourself and how you can actually successfully achieve your required score by this method.

The first step is to develop a thorough understanding of the test formats and scoring pattern.

About the Test Format

Before appearing for any test it is important to know everything about its structure, what skills of yours are being test and how you are marked for scores. PTE Test is a computer-based test to determine language proficiency and has a set format. It tests four broad and primary skills namely Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening by bifurcating them into sections. The four sections of the PTE test have various questions. Now, in the PTE test the questions of the segments are inter-linked and thus are your score.

Half of the questions are objective and the others are subjective wherein the questions related to speaking only need you to speak and not write.

Factors that affect your PTE Score

Factors in the PTE Test to take care

1. Time

One of the most crucial factors in the PTE is Time. Most questions have a set timer and the others collectively have a time-limit where in you must manage your time. The asked question needs to be answered in the imposed time else you lose marks. The questions that have a combined time limit needs to be answered keeping in mind the time that is progressing else you would not get time to answer the last few questions even if you might know the answer. That's tough battle to win, is it? Find out how you can manage time.

2. Negative Marking

Second factor that is to be taken notice of is the negative marking criteria. For few questions in the PTE, you will be marked negatively if you provide an incorrect answer. So, you need to be alert not to answer if you are unsure of the answer. 

3. Scoring Pattern

Another factor is the scoring pattern. Understand that you are being judged for your English language skills. Thus, your communicative and enabling skills will be checked. PTE tests the skills in an integrated manner using some patented technologies and software. 

Starting your mission to accomplish High Score in PTE by Self-Study

After knowing the essentials about the test, it is time to search for the right tools and methods to start your preparation. It is easier. Platform like PTE Tutorials are designed to empower self-study and support the test taker throughout the practice period and elevate their capabilities to score high.

start your self-study

There is everything you need to PTE-A test preparation at one place.

Online accessibility: The portal is cloud based and access to it is available online. Thus, you can practise anywhere, anytime. This flexibility offers a lot of freedom to you and thus solving your time related issues.

Sample Questions, Model Answers: You can start preparing with the sample questions to gain familiarity. By reading and understanding the model answers and their explanations, you will become clearer about how to answer a particular question.

Complete Practice Tests: There are plenty of intensive mock tests. You can then choose to get your completed tests evaluated by expert trainers and understand how well you are performing. You get a score card similar to that of the actual PTE-A Test. To give you ultimate capability to understand your scores, there are test analytics that highlight your strong and weak areas, your time management skills, the question-wise analysis and more.

Not just these, but PTE Tutorials offers you various features like study plans, important video tutorials and more to aid an organised self-study to positively impact your preparation and reflect results. So, do not waste any further time, just sign up and start your self-study today.