PTE Describe Image

How to Ace Your PTE Describe Image Section!

July 12,2017

So many times in our life when we look at an image, our mind simultaneously tries to figure out the story behind the picture. And because it's such a natural thing for us to find an explanation for just about everything, if asked to describe an image in an exam - it doesn't come off as much of a surprise.

It might not be surprising; that doesn't mean it's too easy.

A 'Describe Image' section in not just any English proficiency checking test, but a test that can pave your road to reach your study abroad destination can neither be less important, nor too easy. So, when we talk about the 'Describe Image' module of the PTE exam, it changes things. It needs you to keep a few valuable points in mind, and understand certain important tips.

  • You have 40 seconds to complete this section.
  • The time span itself puts a cap on how much you can think about the image, and then speak. So, don't go into too much details.
  • 40 seconds is barely enough time to speak 4-5 sentences. So focus on making your description straight and simple.
  • You know how we always ponder about how a certain story should be structured. Well in this case, drop that thought altogether! You have no time to make a proper story here. So, aim for a description that makes sense, and don't care about giving it a structure.
  • You have less time to think; that gives you even lesser to speak. Do not waste whatever seconds you have in trying to flaunt your vocabulary. Don't try to come up with a more 'glamorous' synonym of a simple word. Just use that word and move ahead.
  • That being said, talk to your PTE coaches, and learn some words and phrases that are easy to keep handy, while good enough to make a sentence sound elegant. For example, you could use 'a quarter' instead of say 'one-fourth' or '25 percent'; or even make use of words and phrases, such as 'however', 'not to mention', 'by contrast', 'for instance', 'then again', 'as well as', and so on.

The line of your focus should begin from understanding the image, to forming legible sentences that describe that image, to pronouncing every word perfectly - while maintaining a state of calm and confidence, throughout.

Obviously, it's easier said than done. 'State of calm and confidence' seems like a thing that only Buddhist monks are capable of achieving - and they sure didn't achieve it while aiming for a great PTE score!

But some amount of confidence is not just necessary, it's also achievable. Someone once said, "Practice makes perfect"; and it sure does! Isn't that what PTE test practice sessions are for?

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