PTE Essay Writing

PTE Essay Writing- Scoring Pattern & Structure

September 15,2017

"Oh, Essay Writing!!!

I have done that in my school years. That should not be such a big of a deal."

Many of the PTE test takers are guilty of this thought. They then practice at the very last moment and wonder why and where did they lose marks in the PTE Academic essay writing task? Writing task is not as easy as it seemed in your school years. We are not here to intimidate you but to give you a major reality check.

You have all the liberty to judge your skills when it comes to taking a particular test. But, just this while, we wanted to burst your bubble for your good. Let us first take you quickly through the requirements for this task that is "Essay Writing in PTE." In this task, you are supposed to write an essay of around 200-300 words in about 20 minutes. Yes, 20 Minutes! Seems easy? OK, let us now brief you with the scoring pattern.

The essay is scored based on essential skills. As much as we say that we do write on a daily basis or used to write flawlessly in the earlier years, in this English language proficiency exam, PTE Academic, there is a proper structure and method by which you must write. Method means the way you have answered a particular question.

Divulging deep into the scoring pattern and the structure of an essay, here are few guidelines as to how PTE essay needs to be written and its scoring model. Let us first look at what skills are you trying to prove. According to the PTE guidelines, your essay is scored on 7 enabling skills which are:

Content: You need to write your essay to the point. Without realising, many test takers commit a mistake of writing off topic. Make sure that you write points relevant to the topic.

Form: The word limit for the Essay is clearly mentioned to be between 200-300 words.

Vocabulary:  It is always good to use a range of synonyms of words and idioms. 

Spelling: Spellings can sometimes be tricky. For example, 'affect' and 'effect', both have different meanings. Some of the words with more letters can be hard to spell. While typing there can be typos, for example, 'Continuous'.

Grammar: Grammar is the heart of the language. The general mistake that one commits is in the tenses. Also, many times the third person and first person contexts are confused. Make sure that while writing a particular type of essay, you take care of it.

PTE Essay Writing- Scoring & Structure

Development, structure, and coherence: This is nothing but the written disclosure. The arguments of the essay must be presented in a logical manner. The ideas should be well connected using the linkers. So overall, the flow and the structure should be meaningful.

General Linguistic Range: Vaguely presented ideas will make you lose your marks. They must be well-communicated.

Now that you know about the scoring pattern i.e the skills that are fetching you marks or making you lose your marks let us see the appropriate format that works best and that we highly recommend for a 70+ score.

This essay structure is to help you produce a 200-300-word high-quality essay in 20 minutes.

The 3 main essential parts of it are:

Introduction: The introduction as it suggests, gives an outline of the topic. It is thus, a most important part of any essay. A concise and well put introduction with a connecting idea that supports the body paragraph is what you should be writing.

Body part: The body of the essay includes your main arguments related to the essay topic. To put more weight-age to your presented points, you must support it with applicable examples.

Conclusion: The conclusion majorly covers the information that you have provided as arguments in the entire essay in a summary form.

PTE Essay Writing

It is of utmost importance that you write the essay as per the specific format to get a better score in the Test. It is absolutely fine if you don't want to score high and not follow these tips. However, it is not every day that you will land on genuine tips that worked for numerous students. You can check it out for yourself at We hope that you are now aware that you cannot just wing it when it is about practising for the PTE Exam and getting High Score in PTE.

Thus, showcasing your ideas is not the only thing that makes a good essay, you need to organise the ideas in a clear, logical and grammatically correct way. To stop yourself from getting carried away and writing complex structures and sentences, and also to help you get a better idea of what a well-written essay is like, we have compiled PTE-A Essay Essentials. In it, you will get complete and organised information as to how to write an essay, its structure and scoring patterns. Additionally, there are 15 essays that are regularly asked in the test.

For any further doubts that you might have, we do provide full support. So, Sign Up and start your preparation today!

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